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Blogger of life, beauty and fashion. Be Happy.
Blogger of life, beauty and fashion. Be Happy.


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You Googled what?!?
As most of you know, I love a Google.  From general knowledge trivia, a bit of history or geography, I'm on it and usually Googling it.  My parenting is no different.  Whilst I know that sometimes Google really isn't the answer, I still can't help myself.  ...

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Reflux Update
I haven't wrote about LL's reflux since last September, and so much has happened since then that I felt it was about time I wrote an update.  I think part of me has been putting off writing this post, because for me, reflux and our journey is such an emotiv...

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What the parenting books failed to tell you
I am a bit of a planner (that's an understatement), so before I had my girls, I read almost every parenting book I could get my little pregnant hands on.  This was on top of what I already knew as a paediatric nurse and health visitor.  Knowledge was power....

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Why I don't want my daughter to hear the 'F' word
As you may or not know, I'm currently in the last trimester of my second pregnancy. A few weeks ago, I was stood in the front of the mirror. Normally, I am relatively happy with my body shape and the curves that pregnancy brings. But on this particular day,...

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Gro-Clock: Review
I am always on the look out for little bits of kit that make life with a toddler that bit easier.  From a foldaway potty  to a foldaway pushchair , I am on it.  So when I saw a Gro-Clock in my local Boots store, which promises to help with your child's slee...

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A perfect pregnancy and first year record book
I am one of those people who find it very important to record and maintain records on all life events in the Bee household. I print photo's and complete family albums regularly, and when my daughter was born I completed a bump to baby book where I recorded ...

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5 things I'm going to do differently in labour (I hope)
Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it? Remember that time I used a swim nappy as a nappy ? Or let my daughter play near that really huge puddle as I was letting her be 'free'? Exactly.  Now I'm 26 weeks pregnant with baby number two, I've started to recal...

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Potty Training: What you need to know
Summer is now officially here and that can only mean one thing for parents with toddlers...potty training!!!!! Out with those nappies and in with naked bottoms dashing around the garden, with mums and dads waving the potty manically, sporadically and above ...

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A Paddington Bear Party
Earlier this month, my daughter turned three years old and never one to turn down the chance to challenge myself and throw a good party, my daughter and I came up with a Paddington Bear birthday theme.  I have to admit, I had already rejected her idea of a ...

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The one about sleep
In those heady early weeks of having a baby, the prospect of sleep appears like a distant memory.  You could happily sleep stood upright, whilst in a roomful of people, simultaneously balancing a monkey on your head. But alas,  hopefully, as the weeks to tu...
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