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Beautiful restaurant websites & effective restaurant digital strategy and SEO

(note: all of these restaurant websites have been built on +Blogger)

A quality website and digital marketing strategy is critical to the success of a restaurant, and yet so many restaurant websites ignore the needs and requirements of a valuable website and effective digital marketing.

A restaurant website needs to be an extension of the brand, but it also needs to be a driver of foot traffic (customers) to the physical establishment.

It needs to convert visitors to customers, both in the enticement phase (gorgeous photography and descriptors), but also in the technical goal conversion points (reservations, inquiries, click to call, click for directions, social media signup).

It needs a marketing strategy that combines word of mouth and referrals with social media, search engine optimization, local search, and traditional printed marketing.

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User Id, Album ID, and JSON/RSS feed URL of a Google Photos album
While this was easy in PicasaWeb, it's a bit more challenging in Google Photos... if you've found a better way please share them below! The way we've found that works best is via the JSON view of all of your albums in your account. Step 1: get your User ID ...
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Make UTM encoding part of your process / gain actionable intelligence about source, medium, and message success

Many already know about UTM codes (and if you don't you MUST read the post), but few put them into every day practice because the process is disjointed.

In this article we explain the incredible value that can be garnered through their use, but also discuss a new solution that we've created, called UTM FTW, that makes using them a snap through an easy to use free Chrome extension:
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Google Feed API deprecation replacement scripts
So I was completely out of the loop on the Google Feed API being terminated. Today has been all about writing a quick replacement, and implementing it on a dozen+ websites. The scripts below were written to replace the API for three examples: a Blogger JSON...
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When you blog, are you blogging for the moment, or blogging for the future? Or both?
Is your content strategy focusing on creating as much long term value as it is short term value?

Displayed is a blog post that I published in January. As you can see, it began its life with some decent traffic, much of which came about via social shares and discussion in the first week of publication.

Then came the drop off.

But as you'll see it's trending back up, fueled entirely by Google Search traffic, and on its way to reaching (and hopefully surpassing) the original traffic generation.

You can improve your website's traffic by understanding the different traffic patterns, incorporating different types of content into your content strategy, and revisiting those old posts that might be still relevant, or tweaked to become more relevant, providing new or lasting value to your audiences.

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Don't forget to submit your Blogger sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools!

Often times you don't need to worry about this, as Google is good at finding new content published on Blogger blogs. But just in case, and to make sure all of your content is indexed..

1) head over to Google Webmaster Tools

2) click on your blog's entry in the listing of sites that you have set up in Webmaster Tools

3) in the left navigation, click on "Crawl", then "Sitemaps"

4) click the button to add/test a sitemap

5) now there are two sitemaps to submit, one for your blog posts, and one for your static pages.

The first is "sitemap.xml", the second is "sitemap-pages.xml"

Do one at a time, entering one of the above, then hitting Submit Sitemap.


Congratulations, all of your posts and static pages will now be indexed!
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JS/CSS animated hamburger menu for responsive websites
In working on a website I ended up developing this toggle animation for the traditional "hamburger" menu that most sites use to open/close the navigation system in a responsive website design. The code uses pure CSS to create the three horizontal lines, the...
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Have you seen these restaurant websites? Would it shock you to discover they are all built on +Blogger ?
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Join the conversation! watch the Hangout on Air!
#TNTBootcamp Tools N' Techniques
Join +Christine DeGraff &+Ronnie Bincer along with special guest +David Kutcher to discuss how he is using Blogger to build custom websites for his clients - and to learn why this may be an alternative over WordPress for some businesses. If you have ever had doubt about whether you should build your on WP vs Blogger - or if you didn't realize that Blogger was even a viable solution, you should tune in for this show! Be sure to post your questions in the comments on G+ or YouTube!

David is the co-owner of +Confluent Forms LLC , a boutique firm providing web design, web development, branding, graphic design and custom software development services. Confluent Forms LLC decided to push the usage of Blogger for business websites, turning ho-hum Blogger websites into amazing business sites. Curious to see how you can create beautiful websites using Blogger? See some of their work!

Watch Previous Episodes
YouTube Playlist (Season 1): 
YouTube Playlist (Season 2):
Flipboard by +todd l lebeauc: 

#TNTBootcamp airs every 3rd Monday at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET
Please RSVP 'YES' to be added to our invite list.

#blogger #webdesign #cms #wordpress #webdevelopment  
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How much of your blog posts and web pages are your visitors reading?
Does the Fold matter any more, or is "Above the Fold" an antiquated concept?

While we can get lost in the details of the Fold from a positioning standpoint, I believe that the concept of the fold extends beyond the physical constraints. Sure, we can continue to take the fold literally as "viewable before scrolling", but in today's web design world, I believe the concept is more importantly about Prominence and Visibility, akin to the original intent of the newspaper fold.

What are we giving prominence to, are our visitors seeing what will interest them, and is it helping us sell the actions and goals?

If we begin to think of the Fold, not in screen real estate terms, but in the attention-getting terms (top half-page of newspaper = first 8-15 seconds on web page), a different picture begins to emerge in defining the capture and engagement of the visitor.

Read on for more....

Illustration by +Aaron Wood 

H/T: +Dustin W. Stout, +Stephan Hovnanian, +Michael Bennett   

#googleanalytics   #informationarchitecture    #webdesign   #userexperience     #CTA  
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