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Acer 720 i3 first impressions

Damn this thing is fast. Granted I’ve never used the regular 720 - but this thing scores 6x higher than my old Samsung White Intel Atom CB - the first one that was commercially available. I bought it the second it was available from Gilt (remember that?) Ordered 6/1/11 - just saw the original e-mail - just over 3 years ago. 

I was in love with the CB since the first Sundar presentation on it. 

Google + loads up super fast, drive loads up super fast, the verge is fast. Did I mention it’s fast? I’m seeing animations on the G+ page that I never saw before. Everything is smooth. Google maps is smooth and usable - it was practically unusable on my old CB. I haven’t gone crazy with the tabs. It plays 1080p and 720p Youtube with no problems. My Intel Atom would curl up in a ball and die if I tried that and I had to switch it to 480 if I actually wanted to watch something.

The keyboard is taking a little while to get used to. The Samsung had a nice build quality and nice keyboard. The trackpad is loud. I’m assuming this is all the same as the regular 720 but again I’ve never used it.

The screen is great - no real complaints. Seems just as fine as my old one.

Battery life fine so far - it says I have 4:47 left at 91% but that can’t be right (i hope not). The battery life indicator sucks apparently. I’ll see how it goes. Maybe it needs to train itself.

I haven’t gotten around to putting it into dev mode and installing crouton but I will soon.

Any other tests I should do for those who are curious?

The only annoyance so far is the blue light on the front of the unit, Why do I need a light telling me it's on? it's silly and annoying in a dark room.
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"...seeing animations on the G+ page that I never saw before." LOL!
Thanks for sharing. So we know it's faster... Now all we need to know is what kind of battery life it has?
+Joakim Kasimir aren't those the new fanless Intel chips? Or does that only apply to the Celeron family... I thought it was for all new Intel chips
+Chris Wright Thanks for update on new Chromebook. It looks very impressive. Especially with new chip, 4gb ram and 32gb storage.
I just hope they release it the UK with same specs.
We always seem to get lower spec models. 
fyi re battery life - at 49% it is still saying 4 hours. go figure.
it hasn't been running constantly so it's hard to tell. i'm currently wrestling with crouton trying to get chrome to install but somethings going wrong

i'll figure it out
+Chris Wright I know that this Bay Trail processor is supposed to get some amazing battery life but my indicator has never said more than 5 hours. 
Thanks for the first impressions, just ordered mine today. Upgrading from the original Samsung Chromebook. 
It brings my series 3 to a halt. Looking for a CB that doesn't slow down during one of these recordings. 
Youtube >> click your profile pic >> click Creator Studio >> Video Manager >> Live Events >> New live event >> give it a name, set privacy, set Type as Quick, click Go Live Now.  That will pop open a Hangout window. Turn off the video and turn on screen sharing. Wait for it to load and click Start Broadcast. Try opening and working with a bunch of Google Apps during the recording ( Drive, Docs, Sheets, Gmail, G+, ect). Would like to see if audio cuts out any during this as well. Only way to do screen recordings on CBs that I know of. Add me to the Hangout if you want or just share the vid privately if you get a chance to try it. 
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