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This is #NaNoWriMo month.  As such I'm now going to narrow the focus on my Google Plus page so it only shows me posts from people who are also writing. 

I'm beyond sick and tired of political posts from both sides of the spectrum.

I broke 10,000 words!  That's 1/5 of my book done!

Recent NaNoWriMo writing clip from today:

Gordon Voranes was your typical guy.  Where typical meant Gordon Voranes was a sociopath and guy meant he was anti- social, ill tempered, menace to society.  Of course there was very little society left to be a menace to.  Gordon Voranes rose to power among the remaining people in the city of Milwaukee Wisconsin in no small part because of his willingness to take whatever he wanted or needed with violent resolve.  Also he was just magnetic and dangerous enough to have attracted a band of like minded marauding hooligans who now work for him.

This is a good pace.  I think I need to keep it up.  5020 words in 24h 3m.

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Tools I'm using toward my NaNoWriMo success, because failure isn't an option, are as follows:

Lenovo ThinkPad T400 running Ubuntu 12.10 (although any Unix like operating system suits me, this happens to be what's installed at the moment.)
This laptop has one of the best keyboards ever installed on a portable computer in the history of portable computers (See Below)

I'm also using a combination of FocusWriter to do local writing, and then I'm copying and pasting my progress into to get a fairly accurate word count, and a second level of "off site" backups.

Finally I'm uploading a copy of my book automatically with scripts to my Pogoplug cloud file server at home, my Google Drive, and a folder.

If I some how manage to lose all of those things I deserve what happens to me.

So let's hear it Google+ what tools/software/methods are you using to write your masterpieces?
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