Theorycrafting the clocks.

As we've probably all noticed, the various pages of are peppered with clocks. They could just be for theming, or they could be incredibly significant.

What I noticed when looking at the clocks is that every clock on every page showed a different time. When checking out the code, I noticed that the ones that I had found all had filenames pertaining to the suns. (silver.jpg and green.jpg for example) So I did just a touch of digging, and I found that there are clock images for all nine suns and they all show a different time.

The Path of Suns shows the suns in the following order: Silver, Green, Blue, Indigo, Grey, Pale, Red, and Gold. The invisible sun is shown off to the side and not really in the progression.

When I looked at the times on all of the clocks, this is what I got.

Silver - 1:15
Green - 2:35
Blue - 3:30
Indigo - 4:10
Grey - 5:45
Pale - 6:40
Red - 7:20
Gold - 8:05
Invisible - 9:25

When looking for patterns, the obvious one that first pops out is that the hour pertaining to each sun corresponds to its order in the Path. What is also interesting is that, when you look at the minutes numbers, they are all multiples of 5. This means that on the clock, they all correspond directly with a number. 15 is 3, 35 is 7, and so on. So here's the updated list with the corresponding clock face numbers on the right of each line

Silver - 1:15 (3)
Green - 2:35 (7)
Blue - 3:30 (6)
Indigo - 4:10 (2)
Grey - 5:45 (9)
Pale - 6:40 (8)
Red - 7:20 (4)
Gold - 8:05 (1)
Invisible - 9:25 (5)

One of the things that I find fascinating about this, is that all of the minute numbers are different, and they all correspond to a number 9 or less. Significant? I think it probably is.

What could this mean?

We are told that the Nightside Path is the same as the Path of Suns but in reverse. Could it be that there is a third path through the suns that follows this other order? First Gold, then Indigo, Silver, Red, Invisible, Blue, Green, Pale, and finally Grey?

This is as far as my wondering has taken me. What are your thoughts?
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