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I help fun-loving spirits give their imagination wings by rediscovering joy in the little things.
I help fun-loving spirits give their imagination wings by rediscovering joy in the little things.

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I really loved this!

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If you have a chance would you mind sharing this post by an acquaintance of mine? It's in an effort to reach Taylor Swift on behalf of Queena --the library attack victim. Read how cool this is!

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Okay book lovers, this bundle up for bid is for YOU! I mean, total score here. Not only is there a Kindle Fire HD, but FOUR different author signed gift packs which include signed paperbacks and custom swag like jewelry, tote bags, bookmarks, an authentic relic from RMS Titanic, and tons of other goodies!
Thank you to the ‪#‎NALitChat‬ Twitter crowd for their donations, and to these sensational authors, Lori M. Lee, Cynthia D'alba, Veronica Scott , and Marcia James for their generous packages!
Readers, bid on this fantastic bundle while you can! Such a bargain!! 

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Readers and writers alike know how important those first pages of a story are to capture and hold attention. If you're a writer looking for valuable feedback on your work, this bundle up for bid is one you won't want to miss out on. Not only will you get a full Scrivener software package, but 2 detailed critiques from uber talented authors. 
Dianne K. Salerni is offering a 3 chapter critique (up to 10K words), and I can honestly say, you won't find a better pair of eyes for your work. Dianne has been critiquing and helping me with my first pages for many stories now. Trust me when I say you will get so much bang for your buck here. She's one of the most talented writers I know. 
In addition to that critique, you will also receive a first chapter and query critique from author David Powers King . David has written ten novels and specializes in sci-fi and fantasy. Believe me, his feedback will be priceless to writers at any level.
Authors pay a lot of money to get the kind of instruction and feedback these two authors are offering up here. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity!

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The first few novels I ever wrote were missing some vital ingredients. I didn't understand why those poor souls who offered to read them weren't connecting with my story. I got better as I moved onto new stories, but it wasn't until I discovered this lady right here, Martha Alderson, AKA The Plot Whisperer , that I realized what my plots were missing. 
If you're writing , or thinking of writing fiction, you will want to soak in everything this lady has to offer. She has graciously donated a 30 minute consultation by phone to any writer who'd like to discuss their story. (I kinda want this for myself) and it is up for bid right now! It will be the best $$ you could ever spend on getting your story's plot right. 

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Who doesn't love author signed books?? Having a signed edition increases the value, and you never know when the author will make it really big, increasing the value even more. 
Check out some of the talented authors who've donated signed copies of their bestselling books for our Quest for Queena:
Brenda Novak, Lydia Kang, Livia Blackburne, Leigh Talbert Moore, Susan Kaye Quinn, K.M. Weiland, Kristie Cooke, S.T. Bende, Lyn Brittan, J. Hughey, S.B. McCauley, Stacey Wallace, Benefiel, and more! Over 30 signed paperbacks!
You'd be set for the holidays by giving the gift of literature. Or hey, keep them and devour them all yourself!
There are some really hot books here too! Check the link in the comments to bid on this bundle.

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t's day 3 of our online auction and so far we'e raised just over $2K!! 
Fantastic results!! 
We are almost at our goal of $3K and there are still so many amazing deals to grab. 
If you're not familiar with the young lady we are raising money for, you can read all about her on the home page of the auction site (link in the comments). Join Queena and like her FB page for updates on how she's doing. 7 years ago she was the victim of a brutal crime while returning books to her library. Today she is still without vision, speech, mobility, and requires round-the-clock care. She is such a fighter, and with continued therapy, she makes leaps every year in reclaiming the life she once had.

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For anyone out there who wants to learn the ropes of how to publish and promote books, this bundle up for bid has EVERYTHING you could ever ask for to get started! This is a $800 value of courses! And right now you can practically STEAL it!!
Training Authors online course from bestselling authors Shelley Hitz and Heather Hart,
Publish With Confidence set-your-own-pace online course from award-winning author Carrie Butler,
and a home study version of Stand up, Stand Out, Rake it In from Social Deviants
I follow each of these successful women entrepreneurs and they will not steer you wrong. They are smart, savvy, and sophisticated business women, and the perfect place to get your publishing and platform advice. I vouch for every one of them!
Bid on this bundle right now!

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