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Google authorship - getting set-up.  The SEO forced march to Google + continues.

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Amazing photo!  
I'm in Cambodia now. Last night I may have witnessed (and photographed) something never before seen in the storied history of the 900 year old temple of Angkor Wat!  I'm being dramatic, yes :-) 
It began with my desire to take a sunrise photo. Its my first time in Cambodia, and I'd yet to visit the famous temple at dawn. I got up at 4:30am to be in place for the  sunrise. I was up so early, there were still stars in the sky. My trusty Tuk Tuk man Heng greeted me and we began the 30 minute drive out to the temple through the old town of Siem Reap. 

As we drew closer, we both noticed strange lights shooting up from the general direction of the temple and into the starry night sky. Heng has lived here since he was 11 years old and told me he'd never seen these lights. I speculated that they must be practice/preparation for some kind of show they're planning at the temple.

When we arrived outside the temple itself, the number of people there took me by surprise. Loads of tourists were walking across the bridge that crosses the moat, their flashlights and headlamps looking like tiny fireflies off in the distance.  Instead of following everyone in. I stopped at the exterior moat and began to take long exposure photos for several minutes.  Here's one of them.  

To the naked eye, the lights looked white and not terribly interesting, so I was quite surprised to see what showed up in my camera after leaving the shutter open for awhile. (Over on the left you can barely make out the tourists walking across the bridge.)

I've yet to see any other photos like this of the ancient temple, but as of last night, there must be a bunch in existence. I wonder if anyone got photos like this up close to the temple itself? (In my photo, the temple is that tiny structure in the middle that looks like a Disney castle...)

Anyway, hope you get a chance to visit someday. I'm loving the people and place. Cambodia has been an unexpected delight.

Really not feeling it here at G+ What's the point? Let's hear it, slam it or sing it! but please bring it.

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Yes, even we are on G+ . . . not much now . . .

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GREAT video

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Our program is live and kicking! Proud to the the team behind the program.

He-loo any body home

New to Google + Just got my invitation and well . . . here we are . . . Let's see if we can make this happen.
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