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12 Yoga Poses For People Who Aren't Flexible
TIP: Learn yoga because you aren't flexible - not because you are. At Lake Center Yoga Longwood we teach a key to flexibility called Organic Energy that will greatly increase your flexibility. Try a beginner's Yoga Basics class with us to increase your flexibility and much more:

If you are looking for yoga in Winter Springs or Casselberry, we are conveniently nearby.

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What Can Yoga Really Do for You?
Yoga is a holistic approach (Body, Mind & Spirit) that benefits almost every aspect of your life. Read this graphic and you'll ask "What doesn't yoga do for me?".

If this motivates you to try yoga or to get your practice going again, start by choosing a studio based on your location and what it offers to you . . .

Altamonte Springs area:

Lake Mary area:

Longwood area:

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Improve Your Core Strength Dramatically with Yoga!
Core Strength makes life easier and more enjoyable -- more energy, less fatigue, a proper and attractive posture and an overall healthier life. The graphic below shows how yoga develops core strength.

Lake Center Yoga Longwood teaches the vital energetic and alignment principles of yoga that supply this core strength.

To learn yoga as a beginner in the Longwood, Winter Springs, Casselberry area, visit

If you have more yoga experience, then see all our class offerings at
If you have any questions about what class to begin with at our studio, please call  407-831-2229. We would love to discuss yoga with you!

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4 Best Yoga Poses for Fibromyalgia Relief
Yoga has many health-care benefits and for Fibromyalgia sufferers it can be a God-send. See the article below for inspiration. Then sign up for our gentle, beginning yoga class in Longwood called Yoga Basics to learn these 4 poses and to see how yoga works for you at 

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Men - 9 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga
A recent Yoga Journal study says men are only 28% of Yoga practitioners in the US. Read the Men's Fitness article at bottom to see what you are missing out on. . .

Learn Yoga Basics for beginners the right way at Lake Center Yoga in Longwood. We have years of experience teaching yoga to men. Learn more and sign up today at:

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7 Tips to Improve Your Flexibility
Flexibility is a key aspect of yoga. At Lake Center Yoga we teach flexibility through a principal from Anusara Yoga called Organic Energy. Organic Energy is an energetic extension of the muscles and bones both lengthwise and outwards in all directions. Paired with another Anusara principal called Muscle Energy, it is very powerful and effective.

See the graphic below for other ways to gain flexibility in your life. NOTE: Click on the graphic to enlarge it for better readability.

If you would like to experience greater flexibility through Organic Energy (even if you are experienced at Yoga), take our Yoga Basics class. Just click here to learn all about it: 

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What Makes a Great Yoga Studio? Happy Students!
Please make sure you choose a yoga studio that you will be happy in. How?
1. Ask around - Word of mouth from yoga practitioners is very valuable.
2. Research on the Internet - See how the studios describe themselves, what is important to them, what classes they offer at what times and whether the classes fit your needs.
3. Location - Make sure the studio is close enough that you will practice there on a regular basis.
4. Highly rated beginner classes - If you are just beginning yoga, this is crucial.

Beginners yoga in Longwood:

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2016 Update - The State of Yoga in the USA
->80 million Americans to try  yoga this year ->36.7 Million already
->Yoga studios trail gym/health clubs in number of practitioners

Take a look at the Yoga Journal/Alliance 2016 study in the infographic below to find out more.
Hint: Click on the infographic to see a bigger version.

Ready to try or retry yoga in the USA yourself this year? If you live in or near Seminole County Florida, here are some links to see what yoga studio may fit you best:

Lake Mary:
Altamonte Springs:


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Yoga for Wrist Pain
In our Yoga Basics Classes, we teach our new students how to press the 4 corners of their palms into the mat to get a good, healthy foundation for poses such as downward facing dog. Beyond that, the graphic below shows what else to do to solve wrist pain.
Not only will this avoid wrist pain but it will add strength and flexibility, which -- along with proper alignment of the shoulders and neck -- will heal any wrist pain you have over time.
Hint: Click on the wrist graphic and it will become bigger for easier readability.

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Self-Compassion can sound kind of egotistical, can't it? "Wow, I'm so great and that other person will get over it, so I'm gonna forget I ever did that!"

On the other hand, being hard on yourself is actually a sign of a big ego. Ego in yoga is the separation of our limited self from who we truly are.

But self-compassion is actually the opposite of egotism.  When you practice self-compassion, you non-judgmentally accept the ego’s failings and move on, guided by the inner light.

Visit the blog post below for more on the transformational power of self-compassion:
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