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...I really want this. (Though the apostrophy and semicolon need to be switched.)
Vim Layout Programmers Dvorak from WASDKeyboards

To all of you with Android phones: 
SwiftKey has a new keyboard that's based on a neural network, and it's autocorrect is even better! Like, seriously. It's still in alpha, but so far I have yet to need to type more than 3 letters of a word before SK Neural was able to figure out what word I meant! <3 

Holy shit. Mind = Blown!

So, vi (the predecessor to vim) was originally the visual interface for the line editor: ex (the expanded version of ed), which is part of how it got it's name.
So, it the documentation for ex, they say that the way you would Print a Regular Expression Globally would be the command (inside the quotes): ":g/re/p", which is actually how the common unix command, grep, got it's name.
(These days, it claims it's called Global Regular Expression Print, but that actually comes from ex and vi/vim. :) )

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A lonely 4th of July, and I have to stay late at work. :(

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I just can't get enough of this!

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F-Zero meets AudioSurf. Do want!

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Everyone needs to check out Wire!

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Thank you Spotify, for letting me know that the guy who did the Dustforce soundtrack has a new album!

Lifeformed - Everything Can Happen

+Josh Peak +Stephen Trejo +Tristan Parker 
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