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Quite curious about report that will air tonight about some defective bikes allegedly sold by REI. As a preview, KOMO news shows pictures of bicycles with broken frames. According to the teaser, there are allegations against REI that the defective bikes caused crashes and serious injuries and that REI tried to avoid responsibility. I will be anxiously dialing in to find out what all of the allegations are.

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Congratulations to the Bellevue School District! 

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Too many fatal car accidents as a result of drunk driving in Western Washington this year.

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As I'm part of Seattle's "coffee culture," this study caught my eye. Anything to rationalize yet another cup of Starbucks!

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March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month. A new study done at NYU shows that even a mild brain injury -- a concussion -- can lead to structural changes to the brain.

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Beyond angry what a drunk driver did to this family. The grandparents were killed and the daughter-in-law and infant are in critical condition.  In this case, the driver was driving on a suspended license.

Wrong way truck driver arrested after Oregon head-on collision

Kenneth Eugene Burgess, 49, of Medical Lake, Washington has been charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving and criminal mischief after he drove a semi truck the wrong way on an Oregon highway before colliding head-on with a car driven by Katherine Emerson, 24, of Vancouver, Washington.

The head-on accident occurred on the Interstate 205 bridge around 4:20am on Monday morning.

When we look at photographs of Emerson's vehicle, it is a wonder that she survived the accident with minor injuries because her vehicle is a mangled mess with severe front end damage as well as heavy damage to the passenger side of her vehicle. She was treated at a Vancouver hospital and then released.

Head-on crashes are some of the most serious accidents because of the high speeds involved. Often alcohol or drugs are involved in these type accidents as was the case in a Montana wrong way car accident in which an 8-year-old Seattle boy was killed.  In that accident, Daniel Martin, had been drinking at a local festival when he drove the wrong way on Interstate 90.

Wrong way crashes are a significant problem across the United States with nearly 350 people killed every year by drivers headed the wrong way on a highway. 

Not all wrong way crashes are alcohol-involved. Sometimes they are caused by nonexistent or poor signage or confusing highway designs. Highway entrances should be posted with a "ONE WAY" or "DO NOT ENTER" sign to alert drivers. 

Sometimes wrong way accidents involve elderly drivers who become confused and probably should not be driving in the first place.

Another cause of wrong way accidents are distracted driving which can result from a driver being on a cell phone, checking a map or becoming confused when driving in an unfamiliar area.

People injured in a wrong way car accident are well advised to seek the counsel of a personal injury attorney who can assist them in seeking compensation for their damages. 

The Farber Law Group has been representing car accident victims and their families for more than 30 years. Call us toll free at 1-800-244-9087 or e-mail

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The IIHS does a great job in compiling data so that cars manufactured today are safer. The work they have done on testing child booster seats has guided the industry to design safer child seats. 
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