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there’s a lot of variation in car safety among states within the U.S., just as there’s a lot of variation in gun violence. America has a “car death belt” in the Deep South and the Great Plains; it corresponds quite closely to the firearms death belt defined by age-adjusted gun death rates. It also corresponds pretty closely to the Trump vote — and also to the states that have refused to expand Medicaid, gratuitously denying health care to millions of their citizens. ...

car deaths by state

firearm deaths by state

gun law stringency and per capita gun deaths by state.
clear correlation between them...the data is clear

medicaid expansion,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D

this is not a coincidence...

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here's a review of the Fusion GPS transcript...from a person with a great twitter handle...hoarsewhisperer

It makes it pretty clear that the republicans aren't investigating the collusion or ties to Russia...just to block the investigation.
This will be the end of many political careers...deservedly so.

it runs for 56 posts:

hoarsewhisperer sums up with:
A day later, I’m still reeling from just how diametrically opposite the truth the Republican effort to smear Fusion GPS has been.

They heard testimony, attempted to keep it secret and tried to spin it as if what they had heard was the exact opposite of what they did hear.

I came away from yesterday with the sad acceptance of a vulgar truth:

Chuck Grassley and his co-conspirators not only feel no love for this country; they see no need to protect it from injury and will even further the infliction of injuries by others.

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Republicans will find it hard to hide their true values as more of this plays out.

All the double-speak they spout doesn't matter...their actions give away their real position.
good christians? couldn't be further from that...for them the poor are on their own.
Fiscal conservatives...rather fiscal morons, not new...their agenda has been built around preserving their donors the expense of good government and the health of the nation.
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this article (thanks to a TLC, who posted it on FB) hits a lot of nails on the head.
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Yes, one side is worse than the other...and has been for a good while.
This whole insistence by the media that both parties are equally guilty has worsened the problem (let the one side get away with stuff they shouldn't get away with).

Going along with the story that this tax reform bill is anything more than a give away to Republican donor class is the latest case.
People should really know the scoring and the beneficiaries...quite a ruse.

Facts matter...and the media has to hold them to that, dig into the details, make it clear...rather than giving equal voice to and parroting flat out lies or deception.

The only way Republicans can hold power in the long run...gerrymandering, suppressing minority voters, and confusing the people (controlling the media/message).
Republicans donor class has managed to control opinions of a third of the country via one news organization.
Religious case you haven't figured it out yet, you're a tool of these people...and they just got their long sought after prize.

Even with all that nastiness, I doubt it can's very hard to escape the facts/truth in the long Trump and friends are finding out.
Their attempts to obfuscate economics, statistical evidence, history and science eventually will fail.
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But no amount of prevarication can change the fact that Congress and Mr. Trump are giving a giant gift to their donors and sticking the rest of the country with the tab.

The bill is expected to add more than $1.4 trillion to the federal deficit over the next decade, a debt that will be paid by the poor and middle class in future tax increases and spending cuts to Medicare, Social Security and other government programs.

Because the Senate was rewriting its bill till the last minute, only the dealmakers themselves knew what the chamber voted on. There will, no doubt, be many unpleasant surprises as both houses work to pass final legislation for President Trump to sign.

Yes, Republican donors apparently got their main goal...flat out class warfare...this burden will ultimately fall on the shoulders of many Republican voters who supported these numbskulls.

Some of the unpleasant surprises that have been reported are pretty nasty.
The swamp is officially overflowing now.
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"Trump is a symptom"...

"But the problem is not the Russians — it’s us.
We’re getting played because too many Americans are ill equipped to perform the basic functions of citizenship."

"If the point of the Russian campaign, aided domestically by right-wing media, was to get people to think there is no such thing as knowable truth, the bad guys have won."
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Most people probably missed this great goal from Basel vs Benfica in the champions league.
This will make you smile.
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Here's a must watch.
Great explanation of the shakeup in energy/transportation which is about to happen:

this has implications on many levels.
Many industries/companies will fall by the side...and this is a fairly detailed discussion of why it's happening.
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