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Stage Center has, for over one year, had a favorable eye on Freddie Rodrigruez; first for his wonderful work focusing on Latino, Latino-American entertainment and other news. And now, Freddie has created a clever comic sight: . We proudly present a three-part interview, spotlight on Mr. Freddie Rodriguez and the creative juices he is generating on the Internet. Enjoy!
1) How did you decided on your label, name?

The name of my Latino-focused music/entertainment site, LATIN-AMERICAN-AMERICAN, is about being pro-immigrant,  of which I am one.  It’s also to highlight the fact that we seem to forget that Latinos are already American because we come from Latin America, South America, and Central America.  Even those in Canada are part of North America.  And, then, those of us who are American citizens, are two times American.     

Here in the States, there seems to be a myopic view of what being American means.  People forget that no one was here first.  Everyone immigrated, except for the Natives, but that’s a whole ‘nother conversation.  Being American is being an immigrant.  People think you can only choose one signifier and only be proud of one nationality, race, or ethnicity.  Or that you have to abandon and forget your ethnic roots to be American.  I disagree with that.  There are so many factors that make us each the unique individuals that we are.  So, being proud of where you come from or where your family is from and being proud that you’re American and appreciating the opportunities and lifestyle here, doesn’t make you less Latino or less American.  It’s almost like it’s looked down upon to signify that you are ethnic in any kind of way and not only American.  Like you have to just shut up and blend in.  To me, diversity is what makes America beautiful and that’s what should be celebrated.  You can be proud of both.  

From a media perspective, it’s about providing content that speaks to those bicultural and multi-generational Latinos in America who may be proud of those roots, but may want to consume media in English or who are more in tune or as equally in tune with American pop culture and entertainment as they are with Spanish pop culture and entertainment.  Companies tend to want to lump all Latinos together into one huge homogenous target market, but, there are actually many niche groups and segments you could cater to.  

You’re seeing more of the bi-cultural/multi-generational approach in television with J. Lo’s NUVOtv, Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey TV, and the partnership between Univision and ABC with the English language, Fusion.  Hispanic and Latina Magazines were ahead of the game because they’ve been serving this audience for years. 

Interestingly, my first conception of LATIN-AMERICAN-AMERICAN was as a t-shirt company, sharing these very same values, with the logo on the front and two flags on the back  — each a different Latin flag joined with the American flag.
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