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Roger Chartier
Entertainer / Musician / DJ / Writer / Webmaster / Blogger / My Online Biography -
Entertainer / Musician / DJ / Writer / Webmaster / Blogger / My Online Biography -

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Roger Chartier is playing guitar and singing at Cove Surf and Turf Friday July 21 2017 - It is at 1500 Cove Rd near the hurricane barrier. Come on by and have some great food. I love to play there.

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Have you ever seen a bill of sale for a boat trailer? Check this out.

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This is a good site if you like old songs - you can learn them here. See the chords and lyrics.

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When did you read this last?

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Very Nice skin!!! read more

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So you think you are going to be rolling in the money - forget it.
Here is a basic rundown of the deal

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This song is a sea shanty. Sea shanties were work songs. Folk songs of the sailors.
... See the whole song on the web page

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So you want to buy or sell a boat.

You are going to need to have a good bill of sale.

Some generic sales slip for a receipt will usually not do at all.
If you want to be sure of the deal, you need a boat bill of sale that will clearly state the details of the vessel that you are buying or selling.
You can't register a boat with a motor without a proper bill of sale.
Motor means an electric motor or a fueled motor.

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1779 to 1799 were difficult years.
After the revolutionary war was over there was the huge task of getting back on track as a powerful whaling and commercial port.
The war had destroyed so much of New Bedford.
Read more on the web page

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1778 August 17
In anticipation of the British invasion:
The selectmen posted a notice in public places ordering inhabitants to move and hide anything of value out into the countryside and get it to a place of safety. The notice mentioned personal, business and public property and also said that after two days, it would be done at the owner's expense. The offer was made to use teams and or vessels if need be to help get this done.... Read more on the site
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