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It has been a while since I have posted anything here. Work and life have been busy and I have been dedicating morning writing time to a large project. Last night I was hit with a little equinox inspiration that I posted on Facebook and now share with you. ...

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Original Potential
Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The
grace of God is glue. - Eugene O'Neill   I always liked this quotation and the concept of God
being the glue in our lives because it makes sense to me that our Higher Power
connects all of us. This quotation also...

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Living The Resurrection
When my children were young and I read them Bible stories
I always tried to give them my explanation of why each story was important in a
way that I thought they could understand. When it comes to the story of Jesus’ death
and resurrection, here is what I t...

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Up Welling
When you live along an ocean coastal region, there is a
weather experience that mainlanders may not always recognize the full effect
of. When the wind is, in my case from east to west off the Atlantic Ocean, we experience
a warming or cooling depending on w...

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It is
certainly an understatement that we live in a very complex world.
From the infinitesimal structure of matter itself to the unlimited
territory of our universe, to the boiling pot of soup known as human
knowledge and relations here on our tiny planet; ...

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Lenten Season
I am not usually one to observe things like Lent. Many of us
who are members of the Religious Society of Friends believe that no one day is
more holy than the other; and that we should hold ourselves to high standards of
work and self sacrifice every day. B...

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Painting The Negative Space
When I was in art school I had a professor who taught us
that we should put an equal amount of thought into each square inch of our
painting as a matter of good design and integrity toward the future customer
who might buy it. This was good advice which inf...

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