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Mike Thompson
This week was my father's funeral. The last couple of weeks have been a bit odd as a result, but I have found out some things about my dad that are really impressive. One of the things I found was the details of the entry exam he would have had to pass to j...

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Cannakale NPCs
The ID DM has some DMG previews that talk about generating memorable NPC’s. So I thought I would take it and apply it to some of the NPC’s in Cannakale. Here they are with more to follow : Some of the secrets and useful knowledges are in white to prevent th...

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20 Questions for Troy
Nano is going well I am currently only a little bit behind word count but i’m keeping up ok. Feel free to add me I am Davetrollkin on the Nano site. Also follow my progress here: This p...

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Random Ghost Table
One of these is a ghost. I have decided to use NanoWrimo as an incentive to get the entire dungeon finished! You can watch my progress here: In the mean time i’m using Gygaxian de...

I’m using #Gygaxiandemocracy   to make a table of random ghosts for my Troy Megadungeon. I’m looking for 3 sentences for each ghost; Who they were in life, How they died, How they escaped Hades.
Ideally i want about half Trojan war casualties and half other people who ended up in hades (people who died in the old Thracia campaign for example)
Give me some ghosts. I'll pull all these together to make a blog post.

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Troy Scoreboard
The west gate looks like this, but all the dudes are skeletons. More Troy Megadungeon details, this bit specifically inspired by This post . In the half finished Arena in Cannakale The Table Map has been converted to a loot scoreboard. Adventurers returning...

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This is Troy Megadungeon
Massively inspired by a series of posts from Dreams in the Lich House I am revisiting my This is Thracia fantasy ancient Greek hexmap campaign and converting the Haunted city of Troy. Here is my Elevator Pitch: Hades has teamed up with Hecate and turned the...

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This is awesome.
Ah, here's the 7000x7000px Paris Catacombs map.


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Gen Con 2014
This year K8 and I returned to Gen Con the best four days in gaming. This year the show saw 56,614 unique visitors, busier again than last year.   Once again we went for the entire week and spent a couple of days doing touristy things before getting into th...

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In January I took up Historical English Martial Arts with The English Martial Arts Academy in Guildford. It has been loads of fun and I have improved a lot in the 6 months we have been training. We are training with The Backsword and working from George Sil...
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