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For the "What is it?" section, it would be nice to have a text box that I can type into and see matching categories.

For example, it would be faster to type in "trail" and pick "Trail Marker" than it is to click "Object", then scroll around looking for it finally remembering that it's under "Sign", then clicking "Trail Marker".

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I wonder what the instructions say.

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I'm at PyCon 2012! I'll be in the SwiftStack booth at Startup Row if anyone wants to say hi.

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I wrote a blog post on how counting works (and doesn't work) in different programming languages:

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Running late to Golden Gate Ruby Conference. Curse you, unexpected weekend BART schedule!

I just got a new drive for my Ubuntu desktop since the old one was full, and I was imagining a long boring wait to convert the system from plain old disks to LVM (don't want to just chuck that disk, you know). I was very pleased to discover that the system was set up to use LVM at install time, so adding the new disk only took five minutes. :)

Hooray for forethought.
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