Automatic Technology

The first major technological innovation was the iPhone, putting the ability to connect with others, listen to music, play games, and surf the web for information all in a person's fingertips. More than that, it was intuitive to the point a child could use it with ease.

That invention disrupted everything, and although it achieved extreme success, it also caused problems. People became screen obsessed, staring more at their phones than each other. This caused a normalcy that both separated and connected humanity from each other.

The next benchmark innovation is "automatic technology," a coin I've phrased that encompasses wearable tech, embedded systems, and self-driving cars.

They all go hand in hand to create a seamless experience for the user. Imagine that your entire house, your wearable device, and your car are all apart of the same system. The technology knows where you are and what your doing.

You are at home in the morning and all of your home is one connected system. You can check your day, listen to music, watch TV, or look up information from anywhere in your house. Screens all connect to the same system.

You are about to leave your house and you pop on your Google glasses or watch and they automatically power on. The system shifts to this mobile mode without you having to do anything.

You go out and can use the wearable tech without having to fiddle with a smart phone. It provides all the functionality of a smartphone that you need, without getting in the way.

You get in your self-driving car and the system automatically knows to switch to that. You input where you want to go, and it does the grunt work for you. In the meantime, while in your car, you have the same functionality that you have at home. You can watch a movie, make a phone call, or surf the web without thinking about it. Seats could shift so that you can, as a family, watch a movie together. The best part is that it's 100% safe.

Drinking and driving, testing and driving no longer are things that need to be worried about.

Everything is integrated to a level where you just go through your day as normal, and the technology hides in the background.

At your office or at the store there are embedded systems that allow you to link up and have full access to your data, while allowing for unique, customized experiences at each place you go.

Automatic Technology will make smartphones obsolete within the next decade, if not sooner.

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