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ra la (rala)
~ programming ~ ~ Ultimate Frisbee ~ ~ Jugger ~
~ programming ~ ~ Ultimate Frisbee ~ ~ Jugger ~


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Gehst du noch zur Schule und hast unregelmäßige 1. Stunden?
Stört es dich, dass du täglich den Wecker anpassen musst, da schon wieder Stunden entfallen?

Da wird dir meine neue App helfen!
UntisWecker weckt dich je nachdem wann du Unterricht hast.
Entfallen Stunden? Kein Problem! Der Wecker klingelt automatisch später!

Hier kann die Android App heruntergeladen werden:
Diese App wird ab Android 4.4 Kitkat unterstützt.

Danke an die Beta-Tester, welche mir Vorschläge geliefert haben und mich auf Fehler hingewiesen haben!

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I downloaded the new alpha (950) and noticed that the buttons in this dialogue are a bit.... to much.

I don't know if it was also an problem in previous versions...

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I'd suggest to remove the white space on the end of the file name
and to select a timespan as default

swipe right gesture to use predicted word not working (delete word is working)

and why is predicted emoji always SOS? 😝

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keyboard got smaller then before so I resized it to 125%
I think this should not happen... (see image).

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(ignoring that the last 10 emojis are still not resorting)

why is at 'custom letters/words' and 'last ten emojis' different styles?
it should be all the same - in my case iOS/Whatsapp

the Facebook plugin doesn't mark messages (with pages) as read online - on web and Facebook android app is still a "1"

I've to go on facebook web an open the conversation

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should be a dark text

is it possible to change the date format to DD.MM.YY..? 😝

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energy save mode: nice text suggestion: white on white

(I wrote with moving over letters)
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