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Newsbeat, The Command Center For The New Newsroom, Opens Up To Public Beta

Ran a test today, used two different hashes on bitly to track the clicks on a link on G+ vs. Twitter. It was a news article -- nothing to do w/ Tech or G+, I didnt share it publicly, just to friends / people who follow me. Results thus far, G+ drove no clicks, nothing. Twitter did what Twitter does.

I should be hanging out in the Newt chat room, interested to see how that goes for +Danny Sullivan and others

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Also see the twitter post about Japanese quake

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HEre is the link to the blog post Steve is discussing

Discussing social signals on the gillmor gang

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Talking about kittens+ live now

We are in a hangout broadcasting G Battle who just started DJing on turntable

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John Borthwick hung out with 5 people.Justin Lintz, Gregory Tomlinson, Corey Menscher, Andrew Weissman, and Tony Haile

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The friend suggestion feature is so nicely done that this is becoming a friend collection game.
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