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We found a wonderful article that can help homeowners get the most out of any home remodel by beginning with a great budget. When you plan this out carefully before getting started, you will find that this once daunting task is not so tough after all!

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There are some real lessons to be learned from this piece. It's not written by a home remodel expert, but she certainly did her research. We would like to say that you do not have to spend $35k like her to get a kitchen like that. You can check us out at to learn more about that!

Post has attachment This infographic gives us some very easy to follow tips on making our current kitchens more sustainable.
If you are looking to go further, you can have your kitchen remodeled to be green from the ground up! Give Pro Home Remodel in Phoenix a call or visit today.

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Pro Home Remodel couldn't agree more with building sustainable kitchens. Being responsible doesn't have to mean boring living spaces. Green and chic can go together!
The ideas in this article are a great place to get started, then discuss them over with your kitchen remodeling expert for ways to achieve them on your budget and within the space you have available.

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Pro Home Remodel likes to get ideas and inspiration from any place we can find it. For 2016 we came across some wonderful kitchen remodel ideas at houzz. Check them out and become inspired!
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