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Control your android phone through GTalk/XMPP
Control your android phone through GTalk/XMPP

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New version 5.0.1 is available on the market
* New aSmack and java-dns versions
* Fix reconnection issues with google apps (Issue 377)
* Adding shortcut to change keyboard
* New command to send email without user interaction with the phone using the main Google account of the phone

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After a long delay please find the new Beta of GTalkSMS

That includes the new aSmack library for a reliable connection and lot of fixes. Follow the link for the defect list.


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New version 4.4.2 available for beta testing

* New activate/deactivate command to manage enabled commands
* New video command
* Enhances camera management
* New ASmack library
* New setting to filter notified address resources (to filter hangout application)
* New setting to configure the ping interval
* Adds more details during connection establishment
* Re-adding ads in the free version
* Fix several disconnection issues

To access to the Beta Program, join the GTalkSMS group here

And enable GTalkSMS Beta versions on google play here

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A new community has been created for Beta Testers on the Google Play Market.

Join us !

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It is likely that the Google Hangout migration will also affect certain GTalkSMS setups. It seems like Google has dropped XMPP federation support for the GTalk successor Hangout. We are, for obvious reasons, not happy about this. Please make Google aware of how you feel about this.

We love open standards and GTalkSMS would not be possible without XMPP.

Further references:

GTalkSMS 4.3 released

After over a half year we are happy to announce a new GTalkSMS release.
It is now possible to completely disable certain commands. The commands will then also don't claim any resources. For example if all text-to-speech (tts) related commands are disabled, the tts engine will not be initialized.
Next we have a new aSmack version, which adds XMPP Ping support. This and the improved logic regarding Android's ConnectivityChanged receiver should improve the connection stability and the overall GTalkSMS experience.

And, last but not least, we removed the Google Analytics and AdMob jar. Not also does this mean that GTalkSMS is now pure open source and can be found on, it also reduced the overall memory fingerprint of the application. But of course, Donations are still welcome. :-)

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GTalkSMS now uses git as DVCS. We have migrated from hg to git. The sources are now also available on github ( ). Merge request are now also possible via github, but the main repository (together with the wiki and issue tracker) stays on googlecode.

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New Beta (4.2.1) available. If you are adventures grab your apk from . It is now possible to completely disable commands. Try it out for example with the TTS command: If you disable all tts related commands the whole feature will get disabled, decreasing the resource consumption of GTalkSMS. Please report any bugs on the developer mailing list.

GTalkSMS 4.2 is available on the Play Store and the next version is already in the making :-)

GTalkSMS 4.0 was released just now! Changes include a new theme, Android 4.0 support, multiple notification addresses and a command manager. We decided to drop support for Android devices < API 8 (Gingerbread), since according to our stats there are no users running an older API.
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