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Milo Yiannopoulos
Milo:  A young guy with an English accent, a Greek name, and a French handbag.  He looks like a gay version of Billy Idol.  For about 24 hours, he was going to be the keynote speaker at CPAC. Here is Milo in his own words: Sarah Hoyt:  If they take Milo dow...

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They said, "Be our Nazis."
How do you explain self-proclaimed "liberals" and supposed "feminists" becoming eager apologists for radical Islam?  I don't think I can do any better than Dystopic at The Declination in this post on Cenobites .  Don't worry if you don't get all the Hellrai...

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Look at what's happening in Sweden. President Trump's words were, of course, intentionally misunderstood by the media. But if you listen for yourself to what he said, it's clear what he is talking about: a wave of violent crime that has swept Germany, Swe...

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Toni Morrison
American novelist Toni Morrison has celebrated her 86th birthday. Toni Morrison's politics are not necessarily mine (it would be an understatement to say that I do not share her admiration of the Clintons), but I am a great admirer of her work. I've read (...

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Urban Visitor Attends LVF Rally in John Day, Oregon
Free Range Report : LaVoy’s memorial on January 28 was given the title, “The Meeting that Never Happened” because the gathering would fulfill the aims of those who traveled with LaVoy Finicum on January 26, 2016, to meet with local folks, and talk about the...

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Beyond the Hipster Ghetto
I like Portland, and I mix well with the hipsters here, culturally speaking. We can talk about books, art, music, exotic food, whatever, and it's all good. The minute we get into politics, though, everything changes. It's always the "elephant in the room" -...

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Downs No Barrier for Designer Isabella Springmühl

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"These protestors have convinced themselves that they are 'anti-fascists'."
Elbert Lee Guillory:  "Theirs is a movement with no cause, a temper tantrum with no purpose."

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"These protestors have convinced themselves that they are 'anti-Fascists'."

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Out Like Flynn
You don't have to be an admirer of Michael Flynn, or even of his (now former) boss, to have concerns about the way he was forced out of his role as national security advisor. Here's Eli Lake at Bloomberg : Normally intercepts of U.S. officials and citizens ...
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