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Nutrition Tip of the Day #19
10 Habits That Make You Fat
A study in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing shows that compared to ordering a la carte, you pick up a hundred or more extra calories by opting for the “combo” or “value meal." Why? Because when you order items bundled together, you're likely to buy more food than you want. You're better off ordering your food piecemeal. That way you won't be influenced by pricing schemes designed to hustle a few more cents out of your pocket.
To say fast food has a “nutritional value” is an oxymoron. There is absolutely nothing nutritional about fast food. Fast food simply feeds hunger and/or your immediate craving. Fast food does not feed your body in the form of usable lasting energy or building materials, the essence your body thrives on for life itself.
Fast food is highly processed with a wide array of additives. The concept of fast food is obviously, food ready-to-eat and served quickly. To ensure fast food’s low cost to the consumer, the fast food products are made with highly-processed ingredients to give it shelf-life, to hold consistency, and to enhance flavor. Fast food is altered from its original healthy form it was meant to nourish the body with, to a denatured form that lacks any nutritional value whatsoever.
Granted, calories do count to an extent, but what counts more is the quality of the calorie. If you want to lose fat then you have to change your eating habits. This doesn't mean opt for Healthy Choice® and Smart One’s® frozen meals because they appear to be healthy. Food manufacturers use deceptive marking tactics to create an illusion to make people buy their product.
To lose fat and keep it off you should choose foods in their natural state, such as fresh organic cuts of meat, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, essential fats, and plenty of filtered water. It’s vital that you go back to the basics.
Make eating fresh and organic food choices the bulk of your diet. If you do that, you will never have to count calories again. The quality of food outweighs the quantity every time.
**Have a nutritious day**

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We have added a new 730pm CrossFit on Monday Nights. Today also restarts our 6 week Bootcamp Classes for only $99.

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Curious what CrossFit is like? You will never know until you try. Our members our everyday men in women who are taking control of their fitness. #CrossFit #StrongerTogether #Findyourpossible #findyourcommunity #betterthanyestersay #functionalfitness #Louisville
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Great weekend in the Koinonia Kommunity
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Even warm up sprints can get competitive.

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Pics from our Muscles and Movie Event.
Muscles and Movie
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Nutrition Tip of the Day #62
13 Ways to Wake Up With Zero Belly
Cook up some quick oats, the toss in some dark chocolate shavings, some berries, some nuts, and a dash of cinnamon. Together these ingredients work with the happy bacteria in your colon to produce butyrate, a fatty acid your body needs. Higher levels of butyrate reduce inflammation in your body, and help reduce insulin resistance as well. Less inflammation means less bloating and a slimmer you.
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One of our CrossFit moms doing her first wall handstand. Love seeing members accomplish new feats. #Findyourpossible #StrongerTogether #XFit
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