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Brief review and recap of #SWTOR #KOTFE The Battle of Odessen

So the final chapter of Knights of the Old Republic has come, and somehow, I expected it to feel a little more … final. First, my review: I liked this chapter. Thoroughly. Unlike some of the previous chapters, some which felt like stalling and some which…

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A brief recap and review of chapter 15 of Knights of the Fallen Empire: The Gemini Deception.

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Love this break down on outlining, using JK Rowling as an example. 
What We Can Learn from J.K. Rowling's Series Grid | Better Novel Project C.S. Plocher

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One thing I've heard over and over again is that marketing dollars need to go to diverse games and that the same marketing tactics used for films is being pushed on games as well.

#whydiversegames #gaming #diversity #representation 

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Some highlights I jotted down during the Narrative in Games panel with Patrick and Karen Weekes, Andrew Foley and Corina Dransutavicius.

#gdx2016 #gaming #writingforgames

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Sharing some notes I jotted down during the Inclusion in Games panel at GDX Edmonton 2016.

#gaming #whydiversegames #gdx2016

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Recapping and reviewing the latest chapter of #KOTFE Profit and Plunder.

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Speaking with a female gamer today about broadening diversity beyond women in games.

"I also think it’s important for developers to listen to their audience. If a significant portion of that audience reports feeling alienated, the developers should ask themselves why. Why are they feeling this way?"

#whydiversegames #gaming #videogames #inclusivity #representation

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Sharing some Flash fiction, "Garden of Nothing", about a brief encounter in the desert.
#flashfiction #shortstory #postapocalyptic #writing 

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Reminds me of the abuse that women in the video game industry face as well, this is a great video to show teenagers and others when discussing the very real people behind internet identities. 
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