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Corey Edwards (MrApocalypse)
Not your average black guy...
Not your average black guy...

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Just pushed an update for Dark Infusion ;-) - Fixes for Box, EXKM, and Photos

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Make sure you're not one of these guys =D

To all mothers around the world, to all current mothers, expecting & mothers to-be, to all the single mothers as well as the married mothers, on behalf of all of the grateful children of the world, I wish you a happy mother's day.

At my lil cousin's birthday party....and the roller skate rink....I'm only 26 and feel like the oldest guy here.

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Coming to a screwd ROM near you.. Join the community and get early access!!!
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There will not be builds today, since I still want to torture test some devices after the 7.1.2 merge. However it would behoove you to be in the Telegram group, as builds may be posted there throughout the week.

No builds today because of reasons....

Go get it...

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