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"Speed has never killed anybody. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you." -James May.

Welcome to my profile! Here you'll find a variety of posts based around my interests, which consist of:
*Japanese cartoons, otherwise known as anime
*TV shows
*Card games
*Video games

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Char > Amuro~
This sounds like wank.
+Mr. P 尺 ノ 刀 C 乇+Wade Strine​ Thoughts?
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+Lord Legender​​​: "Pillar Men have peak human movement speed at best"

Right after waking up, Wamuu casually merges the soldiers' hands together before they can even react: (1:09)

Heck it even looks like if time was stopped lol that's at the very least casual Subsonic (faster than eye) movement speed (combat/reaction speed is FTL+ though, the FTL+ feats I showed you yesterday aren't "outliers" whatsoever), including the fact that he has just woken up.

Speedwagon compared Dio's speed to the likes of a cheetah:

And it was all what he has seen, which has been just a casual Dio. So I don't see how Pillar Men, who are vastly superior to vampires, would just have peak human speed.

We'll just leave the movement speed here, maybe some other time I will analyze it in more detail, but for now let's just leave it at "at least Subsonic" since I want to focuse more in reaction/combat speed being at least FTL+ for the Pillar Men.

"Pillar Men may have supersonic reactions, Kars' reaction was outlier"

Part 3 DIO (pre-Joseph blood) has shown to have FTL+ reaction/combat speed as he has casually reacted to, blocked, reflected and dodged Emerald Splash multiple times:

Hierophant Green was able to hit Star Platinum with its Emerald Splash:

Star Platinum is faster than light:

SP has also proved this by feats. Easily faster than the barber possesed by Anubis, which was even faster and stronger than Silver Chariot as it gets more powerful and swifter when fighting opponents and learns their moves, so it can't lose the same way twice:

Keeps up with Polnareff possesed by an even more upgraded Anubis:

Keeps up with both Anubis and Silver Chariot:

Jotaro simply let Anubis stab him in purpose by the way, just to end the fight quick:

Silver Chariot has shown to be FTL+:

Calc of Silver Chariot tagging Hanged Man:

76.3548884c (FTL+)

This scales to both Anubis and Star Platinum (SP was still in development), easily making them at least FTL+, likely MFTL.

Even though the Emerald Splash tagged SP by surprise but the second time was blocked, the mere fact that it was still able to tag SP should still make it FTL+; as an example of another B ranked speed Stand being faster than light, Killer Queen:

Keeps up with Crazy Diamond, which is ranked A in both power and speed (despite KQ being ranked B in speed), CD somewhat even overpowers Star Platinum (which is ranked A in both power and speed too), this made Jotaro stop time so the fight wouldn't continue:

I'd recommend you to look at this DIO respect thread, it explains basically what I just showed here:

So basically, DIO being easily FTL+ in reaction/combat speed scales to Part 1 Dio as this DIO didn't even have complete control of his new body, so he wasn't as strong or fast, and at the same time, part 1 Dio scales to the Pillar Men, who are even more powerful than him.

So I don't see why these:

Should be "outliers" since even part 3 DIO has FTL+ reaction/combat speed, we simply didn't get FTL+ feats in part 1, but by power-scalling, Dio from part 1 should have FTL+ reaction/combat speed, being stronger than in part 3 (before absorbing Joseph's blood of course).

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I'm thinking of buying a refurbished video card from Newegg for a budget build. Do y'all think buying reburbished video cards is a good idea, and if you do or do not, why? Vote and comment below.
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Just go with a new one the difference won't be that much and you'll receive longer warranty.
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I have a question.
Should I upgrade to AMD's Zen once it debutes (I am currently running an AMD Athlon 860K), or switch to Intel's Skylake processors?
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+Occupational Hazard definitely not zeb
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Name: Jonah Eizner
Age: 15
Gender: Male, cisgender (he cares about stuff like that)
Weapons: a set of six daggers, 4 short (around 4 inches long) and 2 long (around 9 inches long)
Costume: Depending on his mood and time to get dressed, Jonah will dress in one of three outfits: the military suit he's pictured in here, a polo shirt with jeans, and a tank top with a hoodie and shorts. Clothes colors include blues, yellows and greens.
Quirk and Explanation: Body Metallurgy: Jonah can absorb different metals to heal injuries, and can also produce metal from his body using the energy he gains from his metabolism for attacks. This is actually the reason why he carries so many daggers with him: in the event that he is injured, he can heal himself with the metal.
Personality: Jonah is a reserved but friendly young adult: very fastidious with his appearance and with his habits, but always willing to help his friends, even if it means getting out of his comfort zone.
Appearance: See pics.
Bio: Jonah is a Japanese German young adult who had a bright future ahead of him: a full scholarship for a private non-superhero school, a position in a junior football team, and a loving family and girlfriend. This all changed when the villain named Goiterbern attacked his hometown: while Jonah discovered his Quirk and was able to defeat the villain, his family was killed, and because of his involvement in the damage to the fighting, his full scholarship was rescinded. Because of this, he decided to enroll in Duke's Hero Academia, so he could learn to better control his Quirk.
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noo prob
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Should I buy One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 for PC?
It's currently on sale.
+GB+Mr. P 尺 ノ 刀 C 乇
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Buy Burning Blood ~

But as GB said as well^^
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Ryo Narushima (Shamo, fight with Naoto Sugiwara) comes across Ip-Man (Prime) while exploring Honk Kong. He challenges the kung-fu master to a fight.
Rules: Straight street-fight, no rules, BOTH ARE IN CHARACTER. State difficulty.

+Wade Strine +Perry 214 +Doctor Paco +Serαph +Anti-Christ +Ryuji Sakamoto
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Narushima wins extreme diff and only through a groin shot and use of a weapon.
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+Wade Strine​ Why did you overthrow +Serαph​ and install members of Omnibattles as the mods?
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+Wade Strine 1. Ok,
2. I meant Omnibattles.
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Serious question here: Who is the Better Rapper?

Pink Guy (Filthy Frank) vs Tyler the Creator (Odd Future)

Vote and comment please.
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Pink Guy
Tyler the Creator
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Kevin “Naoto” Hernandez

Better Written [Owners/Moderators]  - 
Better Written:
Yu-Gi-Oh (the original manga, 1996-2004)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (1989-1992)

Vote AND comment.

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JoJo: Stardust Crusaders
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+Kevin Hernandez
Better written are supposed to go on better written the mod and owner haves you mention us to give you permission to post it
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This has probably been done before.

Don Krieg (One Piece, Baratie Arc, FP) vs Arlong the Shark (One Piece, Arlong Park Arc, FP)
Fight takes place at the hill from Usopp's village.

Round One: Both are in character.
Round Two: Both are bloodlusted.

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Arlong 8/10, 7/10
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Kevin “Naoto” Hernandez

Better Written (Stories/Characters)  - 
Better Written Reptilian Villain:

Orochimaru (Naruto, all media)
Tom "Voldemort" Riddle (Harry Potter, all media)

+GB+Fervans Princess+Wade Strine+Kyousuke Hyoubu 兵部 京介+Blue Oak+Mr. P 尺 ノ 刀 C 乇+Sri Kausthubha H+Senchou Ty+AmiXir Von Nigguci​ 
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Tom "Voldemort" Riddle
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I don't like any of them
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