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Having a Doula in Labour
Happy International Doula Month!   Post from the wonderful women at Orgasmic Birth.   All the time, I hear from women that they aren’t hiring
a doula - because they have a great partner, the nurses will be there, they have a midwife, or that their hospital ...

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MUM'S UP AND MOBILE for labour
MUM'S UP AND MOBILE (MUM) Research by Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust found that when they got mums off the bed and let them move around in labour. freely adopting positions that they felt comfortable in, their normal delivery rate rose from 59.9% to 64...

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One Born Every Minute
 Just had to share this blog with you on a normal midwives view of One Born Every Minute. All the midwives working on OBEM are simply Obstetric Nurses. Do not trust them with your labour! Midwifes view of one born every minute. Kemi Johnson Seriously
OBEM ...

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Spiritual Midwifery in Argentina.
Painting by Annie Ibanez After reading an article in Midwifery Matters Issue 151 Winter 2016 I was deeply moved by the experience of a newly qualified midwife's experience working her elective in Argentina. Annie Ibanez chose to work with the Awaike school ...

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Can women orgasm during childbirth?
Article by Julie Revelant, health journalist and a consultant who
provides content marketing and copywriting services for the healthcare
industry. She's also a mum of two.  The grueling, intense pain that (can) come along with labor is something

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Babies remember their birth language.
Dr Jiyoun Choi of Hanyang University in Seoul led this research into how talking to a baby in any language during the first year of life can imprint on them the individual nuances of different languages. Dr. Choi advises all new parents to ''Try to talk to ...

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It was like looking at midwifery care from the 1950's.
article 'Where to now?' published in the Autumn 2016 issue of Midwives Magazine was a very
interesting read on how to deliver continuity of care in today's cash
crippled NHS. However, the illustrations to accompany this piece were
draconian and outdated...

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Pain Free Labour web page.
At last, after months of work the Pain Free Web Page is now live at It contains all the most relevant posts from this blog and more to help women find what they need. Hoping that the new web page will help to spread the word about ...

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Clare's Home Birth After Caesarian
 I read
an interesting article in Midwifery Matters magazine by Clare Caro
who jumped through all the hoops put in her way to have a home birth
after a previous caesarian section (CS). She was traumatised by her
first birth where she says she was in labour ...
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