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VIDEO: Reflections on Chanukah.

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Unprincipled Hasbarites: Part I (slideshow)
A visual look at one of the more odious "hasbara" tokens on the scene today. Meet an unsavory man who "GoFundsMe" his life under the pretext of a supposed upcoming treatise on "indigenous rights", and has the gall to lecture Jews (he isn't even Jewish) on T...

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Perverting The Law Of Mercy: Part II
Like so many leftist rags today, The Times of
Israel is a popular online magnet to disseminate anti-Jewish values. A
forum of filth where moral defectives frequently share their relativism with a
large and often shockingly ignorant audience. 
For Jewish wri...

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Shameful betrayal of a Jewish soldier.

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The Lynching of Elor Azaria
"I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6"- Ed Parker As so many of us feared and expected from a judicial system
that often mirrors Sodom rather than Sinai, Sergeant Elor Azaria was convicted
of manslaughter. To put it bluntly, a Jewish hero may sit an...

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President Donald Trump: A Jewish Perspective
For the record, I am ecstatic that President Elect Donald
Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, that corrupt power-crazed chameleon who wears
as many duplicitous faces as she does ill-fitting pant-suits. It was
aggravating to see American society erode under eigh...

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Nothing at all in common. Except the commonality of being part of mankind.
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