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Bill Dunn
A baby boomer trying to follow Jesus in a post-Christian culture
A baby boomer trying to follow Jesus in a post-Christian culture


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Our ‘Separated Brethren’ Are Loved by God
In recent months, I’ve discussed many
faith issues, and presented the Catholic view on these topics. Of course, that
only makes sense, since this essay series is titled “The Merry Catholic.” For
example, a few weeks ago, the subject was Catholic apologetics...

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Apple Watch Part 2: Jealousy and Betrayal
Last week I discussed my new Apple
Watch. The main focus of that column was the financial implication of the
purchase; that is, whether it made much sense to spend $400 on a tiny wrist
computer that does a few interesting applications along with telling tim...

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Judgmental Hypocrite in the Mirror
Twain once said, “It ain’t those parts of the Bible that I can’t understand
that bother me, it’s is the parts that I DO understand.” Well,
there is a very clear and understandable concept in the Bible that has me
worried. It’s the fact that God is goin...

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Tech Review: the Apple Watch
This is your tech guru, Digital
Dunnster, with another review of the latest and greatest in electronic gadgets.
Our subject today is the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is the most recent intriguing
device developed by Apple Corporation, the wildly successful ...

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St. Paul: Content in All Circumstances
In the Bible, St. Paul made a curious statement.
In his letter to the Philippians he wrote, “In all circumstances I have learned
to be content.” Paul meant that his faith in Christ allowed him to be serene
and at peace regardless of the problems he faced. W...

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All Aboard the ‘Aches and Pains’ Express
Not that long ago, I occasionally woke
up in the morning, got out of bed, and muttered to myself, “Ouch, why is my
back so stiff and my legs so sore?” Then I would remember that on the
previous day I did something strenuous, such as help a friend move, whic...

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Receiving Communion: Irreverence or Ignorance?
Ever go to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles?
You see people waiting in line, bored, listless, hands in their pockets. They
slowly make their way forward. When they finally get what they came for, they
make a beeline for the parking lot. “There,” they think to th...

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Celebrate Until It Hurts
If you read last week’s column, you know
the topic was the proliferation of “look at me!” show-off athletes in sporting
events nowadays. Those of us in the fuddy-duddy generation prefer the
old-school approach, epitomized by the player who simply hands the ...

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Who Is Jesus, and What Did He Do?
A friend of mine has a four-year-old
grandson, and recently the little boy attended a baptism at my parish. In our
church, there is a huge crucifix above the tabernacle, in the middle of the
sanctuary. It’s a gorgeous sculpture, and the lifelike image of Je...

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Fuddy-Duddies vs. Look-at-Me Generation
Of all the wise lessons about life I
learned from my father, the most important thing he ever taught me is this:
“When you score a touchdown, just hand the ball to the ref, as if you do it
every day.” This was not simply advice to avoid
being one of those e...
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