( #crNov19:02) Tutti Frutti Potpourri #SharedCircle #Circle #PublicCircles

In my series #crBeautifulCircles , here's a circle I've mixed together according a special recipe:

I went to several of your profiles, and added the people we already have in common. I figured that this way I would obtain a pretty well distributed circle.

I then removed excessive resharers and gif posters, added some people from my circles whose post's I like and people whom I've interacted with recently, and voilà :

Painters, Foodies, Creatives, Geeks, Scientists, Writers, Photogs, Posters, Commenters , a nice potpourri of fragrant flowers and succulent fruits, food for all your senses, hopefully an ideal beginners pack to add!

If you believe I forgot to include you, which is pretty possible, please tell me so that I can include you, too!

tl;dr:Distilled Awesome!
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