keywords: abiogenesis, evolution, evolucion, simulation, csharp, xna

The purpose of this application is to test the claim that "prescriptive information" cannot arise from undirected natural laws. For this purpose, I provide an environment for simple molecules called "molboxes", which interact each-other according to some physical laws that can be either user-defined or random. The still unfulfilled main goal of the simulation is to achieve a set of "natural laws" that result in the formation of some self-replicating structure. Hopefully, if this application is available for a large number of users, eventually someone will get the right combination of natural laws (ideally, by mere chance). Among my influences to develop this application is this site:

Molbox is being programmed with Visual C# 2010 Express and XNA 4. Currently, it's in a less-than-alpha status, yet it's already functional. This project is intended to be open-source, I can provide the CSharp source code to whoever want to take a look at it.

MolBox can be downloaded from here:


Source Code:

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