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The Anti-Trump Grandstander
We all have one in our pantheon
of friends and family. Many of us have several. You know the type - Homo
trumpus erraticus better known as the Anti-Trump Grandstander (ATG). While appearing normal on the
outside and indeed reasonable on most fronts the ATG ...

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The New Alignment
There is a certain urgency about the Trump Presidency that
has forced many a denizen of the West to question the direction that the
civilization has been moving. As a classical liberal I have entertained these
thoughts for some time. While I celebrated the ...

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Why do so many US Political arguments involve attacking the extremist positions of each side?
Its a version of the Strawman argument. Define your opponent’s position in the worst possible light, frame it as such and then attack the frame. The frame will crack creating the false illusion that you have discredited the opposing side. Its a cheap trick ...

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Was the GOP the popular choice for African-Americans before 1960?
African-Americans, who could only join the Democratic Party
from 1924 onward, started leaving the Republican Party as early as 1936 not
1960 as is often believed. In fact in the election that year 71% of the Black
vote went to FDR. This appears to be largel...

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What irritates me about Quora?
I generally like Quora but I do find that it has a number of irritations Here are a few Many Writers are condescending and rude when there is no reason to be so. I suspect that a great deal of those asking questions are kids who may be ignorant of certain f...

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Are neoconservatism and neoliberalism the same thing?
Neoliberalism is more of an economic philosophy driven by laissez-faire economics, deregulation, free trade and a reduction in government spending. Neoconservativism often include neoliberal principles in its worldview but is more focused on an foreign rela...

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What are the Voting trends of American Jews?
Still looking for better stats but the American Jewish Party Identification study undertaken by Gallup in 2014 may be a start. Here are some of the findings. Key findings 29% of American Jews are Republican, up from 22% in 2008 61% of Jews are Democrats, do...

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Why is Physics so badly taught?
This is an excellent question and one that teachers have been wrestling with for some time. In fact I will be giving a presentation along these lines to a group of teachers in February of this year. Here is a list of key factors that have been identified Th...
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