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Gian Erguiza
Musician. Writer. Lover. Fighter.
Musician. Writer. Lover. Fighter.


@BillGross Awesome presentation! Chime.In is truly something special, Congrats! #Idealab #ChimeIn #Ubermedia

Good job team #Ubermedia Chime.In is badass! #Chime .In #BillGross

About to watch CEO Bill Gross announce the new social media site live at Web 2.0 Summit!

After hearing an impromptu acoustical jam by the oldies in my fam last night, which was fucking awesome btw, im convinced that we are all at fault for the crap music we have to deal with today. This realization sucks bigtime.

R A I D E R S ! ! ! Y E S S I R ! ! !

If I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass! - Larry Merchant

Holy Shit! LOL!!!!!

Wtf just happened? The fight didnt restart right? This some bullshit!!!!! Cheap fucking shot m'effer!!!!

Anderson Silva's A Beast! Rua Killed It and Nogueira Pulled It Off. Brazilian Fighters Owned the UFC Tonight. Brazil Is About To Go Nuts.

UFC 134 tonight! Silva, Rua & Nog For The Win!!!

My new band needs a name....the one we had was taken...quick throw me some!
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