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jeremy melchior

I see the problem with social media in general. I really do. The biggest problem is people, ironically enough. Once a network, or game, or service reaches a certain critical mass it's near impossible to move upwards on onwards to bigger and better things. Something new/better/improved comes out, but nobody will used it because nobody is using it. Catch-22. Then everything starts to stagnate, and nobody is willing or even able to take the risk of developing something new. WOW is a great example of that. Is it really possible that no other game company can make a better MMORPG? Or is it more likely that none (or Very few) are willing to take that risk?
Therefore, I applaud anyone who tries to buck the trend, do there own thing and try something new. Now I'm starting to see that even a company as mighty as Google could very well fail in this google+ endeavor. You can fight the unstoppable power of complacency of the masses, but you won't win. By god you can try though.
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