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Aaaand I'm done. #Ingress
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Liverpool Resistance celebrates upcoming anomaly in June. 1.5M+ MU captured.

That was a nice, spontaneous long Easter weekend and my very first own #Ingress Operation.

Thursday, April 2nd

+Ingress was mentioned in our local newspaper, +Liverpool ECHO :

Shortly afterwards, new players started to join both teams. We all knew they needed a warm welcome to #TheGame .

Friday, April 3rd

+Ingress announced Liverpool as one of the next XM Anomaly Satellites on June 20th:

Perfect timing... Why wouldn't we field Liverpool once again? Especially when I was short of one platinum badge for my Level 15?

My initial (and final!) plan and field draft was floating around by afternoon. Discussion about amounts of Jarvis viruses needed to flip our blue farm in Port Sunlight lasted for hours. It turns out it was worth it.

Saturday, April 4th

First day of OP and about 20 km walked. You, car players, you got it easy!

I was on a train by 11am with a daily ticket in hand. Visited Port Sunlight Village, Rock Ferry and Hamilton Square for the first time ever. Lovely weather that day. I completed a couple of local missions, earned Silver Sojourner and SpecOps medals, cleared out few blockers and finally went to Bootle, where the next few hours were about uniques, clearning blockers and farming keys for the north anchor. Thanks to @Nikoftime and @MrsB it took just a moment.

By the end of the day agents @TheBlackKn1ght and @danski69 traveled all the way down to east anchor to farm keys.

Sunday, April 5th

Day zero and yet another 20+ km on foot between trains.

In the morning we agreed on 9pm checkpoint, then another few blockers were destroyed by midday. Quietly, one by one, here and there. It's not that easy now, since new players appeared out of nowhere, in areas that no one really played within beforehands.

Early afternoon, @TheBlackKn1ght and I exchanged portal keys at the famous Cross Keys pub and discussed last details with a cup of coffee in front of the Intel map. 

Last minute clearing in Liverpool (which took hours) and everything started to visualise, so I took a train to Port Sunlight hoping for the best.

Agents @2bluntz and @Nutterbloke took care of the last few crossing links in Bebington and Liverpool, while I was running between portals, Jarvising half of the blue P7 farm to clear the paths.

A short while before the checkpoint at 9pm, whilist waiting in the freezing cold for the clear shot to both anchors, agent @NorthernLoop pulled over with his dodgy, but at least warm van.

Fielding time:
- first layer up by @TheBlackKn1ght,
- 7 fields, 2 Illuminator badges and one level by me,
- last layer up by @NorthernLoop as a prize for catching up with me on running to the last anchor.

That's 9 layers out of 10 planned, just because I forgot to put one more field whilist running, for a total of 1,376,106 MU.

Fields lasted for about an hour when one of the anchors was flipped and few blockers were thrown across The Mersey.

Thanks to @2bluntz in Liverpool and the dodgy but speedy van of @NorthernLoop, all blockers were gone in no time and @TheBlackKn1ght was able to close one more field giving us total of 10 fields by the average of 150k MU.

That is 1,534,505 Mind Units, excluding superb fields contributed by @Nikoftime from his north anchor (check screenshots!).

Thanks to:
- @TheBlackKn1ght for help in every aspect and pointing the right people to the right place
- @Nikoftime and @MrsB for farming keys and turning the north anchor into a stronghold
- @Nutterbloke for last minute and flawless blockers destruction on both sides of The Mersey
- @2bluntz for clearing, staying on the batphone and taking care of new green blockers by the waterfront
- @NorthernLoop for all the joy and help on-site
- @data7of9 for donating gear
- @danski69 for farming keys
- everyone from Cheshire & Merseyside Hangout

Well, that was fun. "It's time to move!"
Oh, did I said that @Bandolier is L16 now? ;>

Agent @Mestiso signing off.

#Ingress   #sitrep   #Liverpool   #Resistance  
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I highly recommend these three videos, covers both the basics and useful tips for less experienced players.

Agent: Mestiso
Area: #Liverpool City Centre

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