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How many of you can honestly say you know what it is like to not have your basic needs met? To know the experience of not being able to feed your family on a daily basis? To wonder if today you will find a place to rest your head? To buy school supplies or even just a winter coat for the kiddos? Now of those of you that raised your hands in secret or in the place you stand right now, how many have been told you make just a dollar too much to receive assistance or have become far too prideful to ask for help? How many keep this secret in your own shame just living through the pain? If you know the feeling and would like to be apart of the support you wish you had or may still have, please go click the like button for Phoenix River

We are a community of like minded individuals and people who have a purpose to help others through the stories of our own pain. We are members who seek to obtain the resources needed to provided others like ourselves with what little help we can. It may not be much but feeding a family or getting school children new clothes makes the difference between down the right path and getting lost in the streets. Everyday a child sees the struggle and finds a way through it, we should be so honored and celebrate. 

I hope to see you all at the starting line.


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Love this one!

Waking up in the mornings at 5am, ninety minutes before the alarm is hardly priceless. Annoying as it may seem, this is a sign. No smoking has been hard on me. Adding weight back and all. However, today I've decided to counter that action by learning to run. I have twelve weeks to prepare for my first 5k. What better day than to get up, get out there and get started.
Countdown to Black Girls Run Virtual 5k December 21st. 

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