A Digital Age Manifesto Addition—Listening

For the majority of us here on G+, +Dan Gillmor‘s commentary published in the Guardian a short time ago is logical, with many of the elements defined way overdue for revision. Clearly, the piece is focused upon fora that are specific to a publication or an individual article. However there is much that should be internalized by those posting more than a shared meme on a regular basis.

I particularly liked Dan’s points: Make moderation a core feature of these conversations: moderate the discussions and insist on civility and mutual respect.”  And, “Ask the readers how to do all this better.” These rules can, and should, be applied by everyone posting in a public forum. For the most part, they are.

Unfortunately, there is one element that is evident in this environment that seems to be missed by the majority of the media. Listening. It’s one thing to moderate discussions and add comments. Listening to, then understanding, the undercurrent and modifying behavior and approach is another. 
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