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Morning Time Reorganization Sheet
Morning Time  2013-2014 Gloria Patri Bible: Read Bible  Memory work Repentance and Prayer: Discuss areas we have failed. Pray. Pray for requests Meeting Elements: Discuss day, Composer, artist Grammar: Diagram and discuss sentence Use MCT books to work thro...

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Ambleside Selections for 2010-2011
Ambleside Selection 2010-2011 TERM 1 (August- October) Music/Composer:  Ludwig von Beethoven (1810) (Classical/Romantic)     Listening selections for this term:     Piano Sonata 8 (Pathetique) Opus 13     Piano Sonata 14 (Moonlight) Op 27     Symphony No. 3...

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Morning Time: January 2011
There is something gloriously wonderful about getting back on
schedule after a long break. Our first week after the break we did not
do MT. To be truthful the holidays are anything but a break for me. I
love them but when the steady stream of company lea...

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Using MT to Promote Discussion
One of my key sayings is that I don't just want to have books, I want
to read books.  It doesn't make me happy to think of having a houseful
of books if no one is reading them. Therefore, I am happy to report that
since we went to the book sale on Tuesda...

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25 Days to Handel's Messiah: An Advent Devotional Guide
Over the years many people have asked me for a Messiah schedule. Here it is. I like to keep it less than 10 minutes a day overall because as you know I am all about the little moments and I also firmly believe that what you do is better than what you plan. ...

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The CiRCE Off-the-Cuff Post
I needed a vision for the coming year. I got it. I will let you know more in the last point. Andrew's opening talk was excellent as usual. The theme was Echo and Narcissus. Narc-otic Narc-issus  I found that provocative. Buy John Mason Hodges talk. Buy it!!...

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All Will Be Well
As most of you know, this blog has been down for the last week, while I prayed for clarity. God has graciously answered my prayers. In church this morning we studied I Corinthians 16 which is the farewell chapter of that book and this is my farewell letter ...

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Scheduling Morning Time
Day 16~ I mentioned in an earlier post the Morning Time was born out of my own reading of Charlotte Mason's writing s and For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer MacCaulay.  Those writings inspired me to introduce my children to 4 areas: Composers Artist...

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Beyond Poetry: What Else to Memorize
Day 15~  Creeds and Catechisms: The Apostle's Creed The Nicene Creed The Westminster Shorter Catechism The Heidelberg Catechism Historical Documents: The Bill of Rights (The First 10 Amendments) You can also use MT as a time to read through all the amendmen...

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Other Memory Work
Day 14~ If we keep in mind Stratford Caldecott's definition of the grammar stage as "remembering," we can avoid making the mistake of looking at memorization as something to help us keep information sorted in our mind. Of course, that is one way of using me...
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