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You've decided to become an Omnist...Now what?
Coming out of the closet (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Modern Omnists are coming out of the closet on a daily basis. Many of these people are coming out on the Internet. They have discovered a path that makes more sense to them than the mainstream or other rel...
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Coming up on BaedonWebz for Jan 5-11, 2014
Writer's Block? (Photo credit: Raymond Bryson ) To give you an idea on what is in the chute for this week. For the main site, working on resurrecting yet another website archive from the ashes. This one is a long section, still debating on how best to incor...
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Henry Kessler

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new Blog, Theologica mirror complete.
Black door (Photo credit: smith ) The Theologica Mirror is now complete, for those who enoyed that section of the old website. A new blog has been added to the BaedonWebz family of blogs, The Black Door. This will be for ecploring the unexplained and conspi...
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Henry Kessler

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Everything you need to know about Fukushima in 11 minutes
This is scary as all hell and is something that the entire world needs to be worried about. The Fukushima Daichi nuclear disaster is poised to be the worst disaster to hit mankind since the great flood. Scariest thing I saw in the video, the entire Pacific ...
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Henry Kessler

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Lame Stream Media
There seems to be only three different types of news from big media outlets: Horrifying Crime Military Actions Fluff Pieces When it comes to crime, the media just can't report enough about it. From the latest mass shooting the high profile criminal cases, t...
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Henry Kessler

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Theologica Mirror
hebkoords.jpg (Photo credit: pkicken ) The mirror of is almost totally processed, only three pages to go. I have a head cold kicking my butt, so will get the rest done as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more updates.
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Lincoln, NE
Yuma, CO - Redding, CA - Weeping Water, NE - Cortland, NE - Holland, NE - Carson, WA - Yuma, CO - Santa Rosa, CA
Wasting away in cyberspace, searching for my lost line of code.

These about me sections drive me nuts, but I will keep tuning it until I like the way it reads. It might seem a bit disjointed at the moment, but that can be changed. After all, the Internet is never constant, it is always in a state of flux.

For those who haven't seen me in ages, very little over the years has changed. I'm still very much the geek I have always been and I am proud of it. 

As a student of the world in which we all live, I hope to learn all I can and pass the tests of time. There is so much out there to learn and digest, one lifetime doesn't seem enough to experience it, but I am doing the best I can.

There are three very special women in my life. My mother, my wife and my daughter. I strive not embarrass them to much, but I'm sure on occasion I do. 

I've been online in one form or another for over 20 years. I started out on a Commdore 64 with a 300bps modem connecting to local BBSes and ran a BBS myself called The Grapevine. Then a BBS called Cyberspace (I was Blackhawk or Finn) came along, it was Lincoln's first multi-node (Line) BBS. After that, another major change in the BBS community shook the foundations, multi-city BBSes, Metropolis Big 12 was the one I hit and I was closer to the net. Then Metro allowed us to connect via LYNX to the Internet and I was hooked. Soon that is where I wanted to be. After obtaining an AOL account, I was soon on my way to exploring the Internet and I haven't left since.

Over the years, I've learned more and more about computers and they seem to be where my hobbies are centered.

Theology has also been an interest of mine for about the same length of time. I have studied many faiths and have decided that all have validity to a point and that there is no ONE true religion in the world today. For more info on that subject, check out Armchair Theonomy.

My latest project is trying to develope a true online presence through a blog and a web site. I'm still develping exactly where I want to go with all this and wil eventually have things figured out. Also, I want to try and publish a bi-monthly fiction blog. If anyone is interested in contributing, please let me know. Just know that I don't even get paid for this stuff, so if you are looking for a paying gig, you might want to go elsewhere.

Thanks for reading this, if you are still here. ;)

  • The Internet
  • Yuma Elementry-Yuma, CO
  • Wray SDA Church School - Wray, CO
  • Norris - Firth, NE
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