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Jonathan Becker
Just trying to be a viable node on this network of life.
Just trying to be a viable node on this network of life.

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What do these communities afford that couldn't be done with Google Groups and/or Google+ Circles?

G+me list mode makes it MUCH easier for me to ignore everything that's happening here...

So, G+me extension stopped working and I can't see posts in list mode. Help?

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And, finally, +Jose Luis Vilson at #SOSmarch

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And Matt Damon's speech...

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Since I posted them everywhere else... Here's Diane Ravitch's speech at the #SOSmarch yesterday

(/peeking his head into G+/)

Maybe this is crazy, but I'd really like a "feature" that would let me know what the hot spots are in my stream. Some sort of an indicator of where "conversation" (if "lots of commenting" is the same as "conversation:) is happening. Know what I mean?

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I'm entranced...

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Not the finest day to be a faculty member in a school of education. The NCTQ report (see e.g. and this NYT article... oy vey!
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