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Danielle Bentley
Mom. Wife. Gardener. Cook. Designer.
Mom. Wife. Gardener. Cook. Designer.
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In Full Bloom
I have been a bit behind in taking pictures!  The following is a comparison of May 14th compared to June 14th.  Its amazing how fast things change in the garden.  Check out the pictures below and see for yourself. From back to front: Peas, Eggplant, Peppers...

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Gardening 101: Soil Preparation
There is one thing that is the most important step for a healthy garden.  It is your soil. 
For beginning gardeners it tends to be something that is overlooked.  (I
say this from personal experience my first year gardening).   I want to take the complexit...

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Gardening 101: Plant Layout
simple way to plan your garden layout is to pick up a pencil and paper
and start drawing!  That's it.  You don't need a computer program, an
app, or special sketching skills.  Those things are tools that you can use, but that are not required.   The ...

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Gardening 101: Crop Rotation
It depends on where you live but at our house the snow is falling!  All this time inside with cold weather reminds me that very soon the snow will be melting and spring will arrive. Its hard to believe that its already the end of February which means its ti...

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Simple Healthy Smoothie
This is one of our favorite morning or afternoon snacks in our house.  I love that it includes greens and fruit along with almond milk for added calcium. Its an easy way to get our toddler to drink some veggies! INGREDIENTS: 1 Banana (can be frozen) 1 cup F...

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Our Winter Wonderland
Gazing out the window the garden is painted in a delicate display of white beauty.  The tree branches hang heavy with snow and the contrast of light and dark emphasize the detail of each limb.  The garden is asleep for the winter anticipating the spring to ...

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Choosing Heirloom Seeds
Its a very exciting time of the year at our house!  Our seed catalogs have arrived and its time to plan our garden for 2015.  In past years I have bought seeds at stores, and ordered a few from catalogs.  This year we have decided to revamp our process and ...

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How to Attract Birds
walked out to the garden tonight and was able to get close to the
Yellow Finches that were picking away at the Italian Sunflowers! So
beautiful.  They are acrobatic hanging upside down and eating sunflowers
(their favorite). Birds are an important par...

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Harvest Totals July 28th
August is going to be very busy for us so I wanted to make sure to post an update on the garden before things become hectic!  Although this has been a very cool and wet summer we have still had success in the garden.  Some plants have struggled (tomatoes, c...
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