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I want that games thing - where's that

Tom Mockridge must go! Boycott Tom Mockridge

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+Brian Michael Bendis just added me to his circles - this is literally the greatest moment of my life (note to self - must have more life)

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This looks astonishing - love me some Hickman (shared beyond my comic circles cause hey - you all need to read more comics)
Having a bad day? Jonathan Hickman wants you to FEEL BETTER NOW with his new creator owned oneshot, with story and art by Hickman!!

I demand a Groupon for Nespresso capsules!

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Yeah, this is pretty great

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VISION MACHINE - read the entire graphic novel right here!

Click on the images below to read "Vision Machine," a sci fi graphic novel written by yours truly with pencils by the brilliant R.B. Silva. If you're a Google+ early adopter, I'm guessing this story of revolutionary technology might be right up your alley.

In the year 2061, three friends grapple with revolutionary change when Sprout Computers releases the most visionary piece of personal technology ever created. The latest sci-fi mindbender from writer Greg Pak ("Planet Hulk") and penciller R.B. Silva ("Jimmy Olsen").

"This comic warns of so much for so many and does so brilliantly, it’s a haunting vision of hope." -- Ryan K Lindsay, Comic Book Resources

This is indeed the entire book, complete with the covers and inside pages, and back matter. Please feel free to share as much as you like -- the book's been released on a Creative Commons license that allows for sharing, re-distribution, and even remixing -- as long as it's not done for profit. For more, visit . And if you'd like the book in pdf form instead, visit .

I'm also very curious to hear how people find this GPlus photo sharing platform as a way to read comics. How's the experience on your end?

UPDATE: "Vision Machine" letterer +Charles Pritchett is now on GPlus!
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