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OpenStack, Kubernetes, or Hadoop-Spark Cluster . . . on your laptop. . . in machine containers . . . multi-node . . . same as in the cloud. . . Developers Rejoice!

All available to conjure-up today. Free and Open Source.

OpenSource Operations so you can spend more time iterating on your idea.

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Juju Charms[0] provide Open Source operations so folks can focus on science, ideas, and creating.


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Lack of operational knowledge is keeping big data from solving the great problems of our time, said Mark Shuttleworth in his Apache Big Data keynote.

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Juju Bigtop charms, bundles, and test plans now live in the same place as Apache Bigtop source for better collaboration on making Apache projects more consumable by users.

"Bigtop charms allow operators and developers to use, test, and benchmark the Bigtop stack on their laptops, bare metal, or favorite cloud."

Give the latest Apache Bigtop Hadoop cluster a try with:
juju deploy hadoop-processing

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Bits are wrapping up at MesosCon, and if folks are looking to model Mesosor DC/OS across clouds and bare metal join the conversation on the Juju amiling list ( There are a few Mesos charms we are collaborating on, one example is:

Also if your in the Denver area for the conference or in general and want to chat more about modeling distributed applications such as Mesos or BigData give me a ping.

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AI powered analytic s for Big Software

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I'll be at Glue Conference at the Omni in Broomfield Colorado if any Juju folks are attending or in the area and would like to meet up.

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I attended FOSDEM and Juju Charmer Summit co-located with Config Mangement Camp this past week, and got to hang out with some solid +juju community members. Among those folks were Tom Barber @ Meteorite who wrote up a nice summary:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

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If you doing web application development with +node.js and need a method to connect your application to other services to provide production infrastructure be sure to check out +Charles Butler and +Adam Stokes latest talk.

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In this weeks video update, I catch up with Charm developer Adam Stokes about his progress in the NodeJS layer, and how the charming with layers and reactive has transformed his charm writing experience. #juju   #ubuntu   #charms  

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Join Roger Levy - VP Product Management MariaDB, Chuck Bryan - Global Power Growth Solutions Leader IBM, and myself as we discuss leveraging MariaDB in scale-out workloads on performant Power8 hardware.

Juju gives you the flexibility to choose your solution, on your architecture of choice, cloud, bare metal, local dev, at the scale you want. OpenSource, free, and on Ubuntu -- what more could you want :-)

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