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Building something like +SideraWorks is rewarding, challenging, frustrating, terrifying, liberating...

And I wouldn't change a thing.

Have you built your own business? What are some of the best lessons you've learned along the way? One of mine is always to expect the unexpected. :)
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Set up as many systems as possible from the beginning. They are always handy, specially when you start adding help.
I didn't build from scratch as I joined my father's dental business, but together we have virtually transformed it, it's nothing like what it was like when I started. I agree with +Jose Albis systems are vitally important as you build. Looking back I wish I had more systems in place, building them now! If systems are written down, someone leaves the new employee picks up the systems and carries on.
be flexible. know things will change/evolve over time. my business in 2012 looks soooooooo different than when i launched it in 2007....
Keep one ear to the tracks, one hand on your wallet and both eyes on your goal.
All great tips! Systems for sure are one thing we have been working hard to implement. Solve a problem, document how it was done, and then others can use the system. I think one that I still struggle with some times is delegating and following up on the tasks delegated and perhaps setting higher expectations.
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