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I can't decide whether to go on a crusade, or whether to throw my hands up in disgust and just chalk it up to the fact that some businesses will always, always take the shortcut. This is what we've come to?
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Le sigh. :( If it's any help...I'll carry the pitchforks if you decide on crusade.
I say let it ride, don't sweat it. Time wounds all heels. If businesses take short cuts, they pay in the long run either way.
It DOES suck, but let it pass.

Same thing was done with where you went to college, how nice your resume was, etc.

Some people are never going to pay attention to what REALLY matters.
Social Media is full of the self-absorbed who gain high scores (and followers) and it is in their interest to maintain the elite status. Not complaining, it is human nature and why is social media any different
I hear you. +C.C. Chapman said it well - companies always do this, now just another notch to check.
Yeah, this is plain depressing. But I also agree with +Adam Cohen , eventually, things work themselves out and the real professionals always rise to the top. :)
Businesses have been taking shortcuts for years. This is just the latest, sad example. Resumes are electronically scanned for keywords, cover letters are required yet rarely read, candidates need to provide a salary range, and if you're out of work? Well obviously, you're not employable!
Amber, I would join your crusade, but as others have pointed out it would be futile. Still, it makes me furious. Klout score as reliability of social media savvy? Puh-leese.

Okay, I've gotta get my blood pressure down. Pass me a couch cushion to nibble on.
There will always be background noise in any new platform. Chalk it up to an EPIC FAIL and just move on....
The problem is, right now, that the people who do not understand that these measurement platforms are a game are the ones doing the hiring. I'll go so far as to say that a certain amount of baseline information can be pulled out of these scores but people need to realize that these scores can be gamed. Mark is 100% right when he said "An algorithmic measure of influence can never tell the whole story..."

Like any other hiring strategy fad this will go away too.
Incompetent human resource management.
Crusade. Amber, I'm voting you go on a crusade. I want to see that!
If it makes you feel better, there has to be some sort of Darwinian thinning of this herd eventually. Those that make decisions only upon faulty indicators will eventually seal their own fate.
This would be like a realtor basing every listing price on the Zillow estimate! I'm with you, but if there's a shortcut there, regardless of it's valid, people will take it.
Okay, weird. I just was presented a resume, and I did nearly the same thing. Of course, first thing you do is look up his social profiles -- Over 1,000 followers on Twitter, good. Daily Facebooking, excellent. So far so good. And then his Klout score -- a somewhat lukewarm 42. I almost threw his resume in the recycling bin before I stopped myself, took a deep breath, came to my senses, and decided to actually talk to the guy first.

I was ashamed for a minute. Fortunately, shamefully confessing your bouts with meta-elitism on Google+ doesn't affect your Klout score. So I'm good.
Just left a comment over on Mark's blog. Here, just imagine this sound [head banging against wall]. Argh...
Were I in the social media business, any company that turned me down on that basis I probably wouldn't want to work for. But this kind of thing isn't limited to social media.

When looking for work a while back, a recruiter asked me about a particular certification that their client "required". It was a very basic certification, and from the job description, would have been relevant to a very small part of the job.

I told the recruiter that I had had that certification in the past, that I had let it lapse, because my experience since acquiring it would clearly demonstrate that I was able to do far more than the gaining the certification required. I was asked when I was going to recertify. I said that I wouldn't because there was no need to. I never heard from that recruiter again - I can only assume he didn't even put me forward because of that.

At least that's not as bad as the job description in the late nineties, with 7+ years of java required. Never mind that java was released in 1994, and to have had the experience "required", the applicant would have had to have been part of the team developing the language at Sun!

So, all over, there are arbitrary requirements put in place by people who clearly don't understand what they are talking about, and have no idea how to recruit people who are actually able to do the jobs they need them to do.
Chris S
two words: uuuuuuu ghhhhh.
+Meg Fowler Your Klout score is 64. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. G. I. JOOOOOOOE!
+Meg Fowler Lies! You only said that you didn't know, not that you didn't want to know. Knowledge is power, Meg. Knowledge is power.
@Meg: Semantics. The important part is that I worked a G. I. Joe reference into a marketing discussion. Shaw 1, Universe 0.
This post has been making me stabby all day. I feel a particularly vitriolic blog post might soon be spewing forth from these here fingers.
Had an interesting exchange with +Jay Baer on the Klout topic last week. I view Klout as an impossible reduction of subjective idea to an objective number. Like trying to give a rating to whether "today is a nice day". Labeling it a "7" means nothing because "nice" varies from person to person, and all our scales differ.

Jay made some great points about the semantic issues in choosing the name Klout, and other items I hadn't considered before, but seemed to feel there was some measurable values in the mix. Wish I could find his comment, but searching old G+ posts is still maddening to me.

Either way the end result is a short cut that is going to cause headaches for many real professionals in several fields. It will rise in visibility, which will encourage people to game it, which will eventually weaken its value... like Twitter followers before it, etc.

Maybe I should quit complaining and just figure out what the next Arbitrary Social Score (ASS) will be after Klout and get ahead of the curve. There's money to be made in giving people your ASS.
I've got a big ASS. :)
For +Jeff Moriarty There is a "View all activity on this post" link, at the bottom-left of the Notifications window, that may help? Respectfully, Nicholas Chase - producer / director / writer / engineer....
+Nicholas Chase - Thanks, but the comment exchange was from a different thread, somewhere in the past week. Can't even recall if it was one of mine, or someone else's where Jay and I both chimed in. There are a few past convos I've had that are now "lost in time" out there somewhere. Ah well.
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