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Amber Naslund

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This is my girl Riley. She's hanging out with me after we fussed around the house and wrapped presents. 
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Amber Naslund

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Pretty awesome, space nerds.
Took a while to download these iBooks, but they are beautiful! Thanks, NASA, ESA and STScI!
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Amber Naslund

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Me either. 
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Amber Naslund

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Are any of you Redditors, too? 

I've been having a wonderful time playing Santa for some families who are struggling to put together Christmas gifts for their kids. It's all based on Amazon wish lists so if you have a Prime account and are willing to take a few minutes and spend a few bucks, you can still get families a few things in time for Christmas.

Participating and seeing people give even when they are struggling has been soul-soothing.
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What a fantastic idea. I usually do this for a local family through a non-profit org. but this is another great way to help make a great Christmas for someone. 
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Amber Naslund

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Well it's #Caturday, right? I mean... Dammit. Look at it.

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so nice
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Amber Naslund

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Our "business plan" for +SideraWorks exists on about four pages of giant post-it pads stuck to my dining room mean our "innovation studio". Cough.

Worry about your business model, not a laborious plan. It'll be irrelevant by February anyway.

Know where you're going. Start going there. Adjust.

But learn how much planning is useful...and when you're just using "planning" as an excuse to stay comfortable and still. 
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+Amber Naslund- you know how much I adore you right? Keep it up- you help me gain much needed perspective ;). Merry Christmas to you & yours!
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Amber Naslund

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I've let my circles get out of hand! I'd like to get back in the habit of using G+ but need to wrangle this back into shape a bit first.

Any good tips from you guys other than just to dig in and do it? 
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I hadn't seen that yet, Tim. Very cool. And useful.
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Amber Naslund

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This is so fantastically awesome. Beethoven 9 done flash mob style.
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Thank you for sharing.
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Amber Naslund

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I am getting really excited about the projects that are in the hopper. Some awesome things are kicking off for +SideraWorks at the start of the new year, and my new mental health project is coming together nicely (getting the G+ page up for that shortly). 

I'm anxious to hear what you guys have going on. What are you excited about heading into 2013? Give me your best!
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Amber Naslund

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Hi John! Perhaps this is my impetus to get back active on Google+ (I've been horribly neglectful). Thanks for the invitation.
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+Amber Naslund and +John Morgan I'm hearing this from others as well!
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Co-Founder and President, SideraWorks. Change maker. Author. Musician. Word nerd. Foodie. Mom.
So you want to know a bit more, huh? Here are a few of the highlights:

I'm the Co-Founder and President of SideraWorks, along with Matt Ridings. We've launched a new social business consultancy that helps organizations get clarity and build a scalable framework around how and where social integrates into their organizations.

Most recently, I was the VP Social Strategy for Radian6, a social media monitoring and engagement platform. My team empowers our customers and our own teams to stay up to speed on the fast-moving social media landscape.

I’ve worked in non-profits and the corporate world for the last 15 years, and I’ve owned my own communications consultancy. My work has mostly been inside of smaller companies that work with larger companies, including many of the Fortune 500.

I’m the co-author of a best-selling business book, The NOW Revolution. It’s about the impact that social media has on how businesses work today, from the inside out, and the shifts that organizations need to make to stay nimble and relevant. It’s probably the professional achievement that I’m most proud of to date.

My blog, Brass Tack Thinking, has been recognized several times for excellence in social media and community related content by folks like Forbes, Social Media Examiner, and Post Rank.

I speak professionally about social business and strategy at dozens of industry conferences and private events every year, and give keynote speeches at many of those. For more information about my speaking experience and to book me for an event, head over here.

Want to get a glimpse of the more personal side? If you’d like to know a bit about what makes me tick outside of work, you might enjoy this post I wrote about What I Wish More People Knew About Me, or a glance through my personal blog.
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Co-Founder and President, SideraWorks. Co-Author of The NOW Revolution. Social Business Strategist. Keynote Speaker.
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  • Co-Founder and President, SideraWorks. Social Business Strategist. Communicator. Change steward. Author. Puzzle solver.
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