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If they don't receive funds from the Fed, I'm sure they could compensate by not paying funds to the Fed (IRS, FHA, etc). Probably save more money than they would lose.

When you are describing your product in marketing materials, don't add the word 'technology' to the end of mundane and common items. It makes you sound like you are really stretching it. Sort of like if I said our pencil has Graphite Transfer Technology.

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It'll be interesting to see what impact, if any, it has within our own borders.

Is it just me or are both of these now offline? apt couldn't find them - then I noticed that ping couldn't either.

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Been watching them since the launch of Chronicles of Elyria.  Can't wait until the platform supports Linux so I can give it a shot.

Google Play Services was missing again this morning, breaking all the google apps.

I decided to try debugging it before rebooting (and causing the bootloop like last time).
1. google apps won't launch or just toast saying that Google Play Services is missing
2. Some of the apps (like Google Play Music) show a notification saying "Get Google Play Services - Google Play Music won't work without it" - clicking it doesn't actually do anything.
3. Looking into the Settings>Apps (even with Services shown) - Google Play Services is missing. Google verified this when I called them.
4. Looking at the Settings>Accounts, all Google accounts are missing, and you can't add one.
5. If you open Chrome and go to it will tell you that play services is already installed, and therefore not allow you to reinstall it (that would have been an easy fix if Google didn't disable it as a target)
6. `adb shell pm list packages` shows that is no longer installed.
7. Logcat:

12-14 08:11:16.517 I/AccountManagerService(29088): getTypesVisibleToCaller: isPermitted? true
12-14 08:11:16.517 I/AccountManagerService(29088): getTypesVisibleToCaller: isPermitted? true
12-14 08:11:16.518 W/Finsky (18898): [1] No account configured on this device.

This time, I tried calling Google per a phone number provided in their Google Play support forum by their community manager.
1. Google spent 25 minutes verifying that I was correct that it was not installed
2. Google insisted that the only possible way for it to be missing was if I was rooted (I am not, and this device never has been) - because it is a preinstall. As a dev who previously worked for an OEM, I know that a failed update can also do this if they don't properly restore the version they are removing.
3. Google said they didn't have any other ideas and transferred me to LG support
4. LG didn't do any troubleshooting steps and just took 10 minutes to reiterate what Google said - it could only disappear if you are rooted and you have to factory reset.
5. When I pointed out that I called about this issue months ago and this is my second call about the same issue on the same device and that multiple people on this forum had similar issues, and asked if they would at least create a bug/ticket - they said they were always looking into issues.

So to recap:
1. Neither Google or LG are the least bit helpful in fixing this widespread recurrent issue caused by a bad update
2. This phone is stuck on Android 6.0 and I have had to factory reset it twice in 1 year. That speaks volumes about the value of keeping the stock firmware.
3. If preinstalled apps are absolutely required to have a working device (ie: soft bricking without them) then it should be required for users (or at least customer service) to be able to reinstall them. This should start becoming a factor in any kind of I-Fix-It scoring. Factory Reset is NEVER an acceptable first step for repair.
4. I may never buy LG again, regardless of how good the camera is.

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Guess I won't try UberEats for lunch. 1 closed restaurant and none open.

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Trumpcare: For the Rich and Healthy
I was looking at the presumed plan which states " Fully repeals Obamacare and replaces it with Health Savings Accounts ". What does that mean for the average consumer?  Most employers offer HSAs as an option to their employees. Let's take a closer look at a...

I was flipping through the election coverage and one snippet caught my eye that epitomizes my view on it all.

One state was showing 1% in, 3 votes difference between the two primary parties ( other parties not even listed ) and they said it was close enough to call.

I would love to see a college level stats course try to justify how you can look at 1% and see +/- 3 votes and think that's good enough that you don't need to look any further.

That's "representative" democracy for you.

First impressions of Google Home ( )...

* Device looks nice, though I wish the alternate bases were available. There was a card in the box that said that they were, but they are still "Coming Soon"
* Setup was pretty easy, though it tried to get me to pay a $10/mo subscription without telling me how much it would cost.
* A few basic things, like weather, work well.
* A few basic things, like reminders, don't work yet.
* While my phone chose to let the Home device answer, the Pixel C keeps talking over the top of it.
* It does not yet appear to have much context awareness. Google had auto-added a movie to my calendar from a Fandango confirmation. Just after reading that too me, when I asked about the movie, it answered about a completely different theater.
* It is able to adjust the Nest, but I have not yet figured out how to query the current indoor temperature from the Nest.
* It's answered a few times while watching TV. Once was obvious (a Google commercial). I have no idea why the other one happened. Either way - very large potential for abuse there, as Alexa found out months ago.
* I can't believe I got this far down the list without mentioning - the microphone on it is awesome! At first I thought I would have to put it on the coffee table, but that was not very easy to do with the plugin requirement. I decided to temporarily put it between the living room and the kitchen. Even with me across the room, talking quietly - it does a pretty good job picking up what I am saying. A few times it misunderstood me, but it did hear me.
* Casting a specific video from YouTube to a specific Chromecast takes a bit of work. I wish I could specify which Chromecast device is the default rather than having to specify it every single time I want to cast. Also, if I don't specify 'from YouTube' it will try to do it from the default media app, which defaults to Google Play Music but in my case is Pandora because I didn't want to sign up for the subscription. Also, when I finally did figure out last X from YouTube to Y', it got X all mangled up and played something completely different. Work in progress, I guess.
* Playing music is very nice. 'Play BAND' and it automatically started playing that band, in my case from Pandora. I need to test how well it can play it from my Google Play Music collection.
* If the cat is looking at it strangely, ask Google what the cow says.
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