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Václav Tunka
Out of the box!
Out of the box!

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Red Hat Czech OpenHouse 2015
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Wanna work on open source such as #Apache #Camel, #ActiveMQ, #fabric8, #hawtio, #Fuse? Red Hat has an opening -

We are hiring worldwide. Contact me for referral.

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I won't bug you with GnuPG signed mails any longer, or to be precise by flooding mail body with SHA1 signature - yes! You can generate a free trusted cert on  and sign by S/mime, supported by all major clients & operating systems.
#ssl   #gnupg   #pgp   #smime   #startssl  

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Watching the Solar eclipse the Red Hat way.. ;)

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Devconf 2015
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Not my favorite linux distro, but still funny:
alias do_want='sudo apt-get install'
alias do_not_want='sudo apt-get remove'
alias i_can_haz='sudo apt-get install'
alias im_in_yur='cd'
alias kthxbai='exit'
alias invisbl='fg' ‪#‎send‬ job to foreground
alias visabl='echo'
alias caturday='date'
alias not_amuzed='killall'
alias oh_noez='reboot'
alias nomnomnom='rm'
alias rly='sudo

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"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live."
- Martin Golding
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