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Not for an existing session or even intended as prep for one, just goofing off and killing a few hours making a map using a combination of something I saw +Eric Nieudan post ( and +Jason Lutes's Perilous Worlds region/area tables. All the numbers and letters correspond to region/area names that should function really nicely as inspiration for discoveries, dungeons and steadings found around those spots.

Doing things like this as solitaire entertainment/excuse to draw while listening to a podcast or something is surprisingly fun, even if - or especially if - there's no game around it.

Going to run my first AW game tonight. I've been reading the book, printing stuff, listening to Actual Plays, etc. like crazy.
Any other last tips from this community for a green MC?

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Looks like someone failed her Defy Danger roll

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As you might or might not know, I'm starting to get involved in the live-stream RPG scene over at I've run a game of Dungeon World for (the totally awesome) MissCliks and will be starting a run of Stars Without Number next Monday with JP and company at RollPlay. I'm super excited!

One thing that we're looking to do is diversify the cast of these shows. So, what I'm hoping you (my fine friends of G+) can help me do is put my in touch with women gamers and gamers of color who are comfortable with being on-screen. Folks who are outgoing (at least in context) and like playing games of all kinds. Positive people who you would want to see representing our hobby.

What you can do is share this around for me, leave comments on this post (so I can see them!) but really, the best way is to email me (adam [dot] koebel [at] gmail [dot] com) or pass that address along for me.

Thanks, everybody!

Can someone please tell me what #blamesage is?
+Misha Polonsky, perhaps?

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+Misha Polonsky this is the cat I to which I am referring

Any Hangouts games happening this weekend?

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I love watching Buzz screw with interviewers. He's relentless.

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Inspired by a player's description of a cliff-side port city in a recent #dungeonworld game

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Come see the School of Rock Portland students perform music of The Melvins.

The Melvins are one of the most important modern rock bands ever, influencing everyone from Nirvana (and the ENTIRE Seattle Grunge scene) to TOOL and Mastodon, to name but a few. Technically challenging and relentlessly heavy, this show will be a BLAST!!!

Doors: 2:30 pm
Show: 3:00 pm

Advance: $12
At the Door: $15

Purchase advance tickets at School of Rock Portland, 1440 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214, (503) 231-2945
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