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I so crazy, but they loves me.
I so crazy, but they loves me.

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Buy four pigs. Paint 1, 2, 3, and 5 on each pig. Let them loose in a mall and watch security try to find number 4.

Go to a volleyball game. Wait for first serve. Run onto court screaming "WILSON!!!"

Google +, I have neglected you.

Don't care anymore.

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...I would so own this video game.

Because someone made the comment that I don't talk about it, I'm going to point out a certain event that happened in my life on June 22, 2011. I delivered a premature baby boy, just shy of four months along.

No, I don't like to talk to about. Yes, it breaks my heart. I was told multiple times before that I cannot have children, and have experienced 3 previous miscarriages before.

Because I was entering my second trimester, I was forced to deliver this baby instead of merely having a DNC. Because of this, I'm suffering from a lot of depression, and I've been doing crazy things in the attempt to distract myself from it.

However, this post was not meant to be about me. I could care less how I am coping with it. I would just like to let the world know about my son, James Danty Evan Pate. He would have been almost here.

I'm not a big believer in prayer. In fact, I don't care for the concept of God in the least. But tonight, I miss my pregnant belly, and the hope that I would get to see his little fingers and his little toes, kiss his soft little cheek. I thought he'd have my eyes, and my smile.

Somewhere, there's an angel that should have been mine. I love you, my little Danty. No matter where you are.
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